6 Ways to store Fish in the Refrigerator properly to maintain durability

6 Ways to store Fish in the Refrigerator properly to maintain durability

How to store fish in the refrigerator

It can spoil easily, you can find out how to properly store the fish in the refrigerator so that it lasts and is safe for consumption. Find out here!

The refrigerator is actually a storage place for various fresh food ingredients, including processed meat fish

There are also many people who just keep fish in the fridge without knowing the tips and tricks.

In fact, the storage of fresh goods, such as fish, should not be neglected because they can spoil easily.

In addition to being easy to rot, it is not impossible that the smell of the refrigerator spreads to all parts.

To overcome this, you need to know how to store the refrigerator correctly so that it lasts longer and does not have a fishy smell.

What is the way to do it? Check out the discussion together!

How to store fish in the refrigerator properly

You can find out how to store properly with the following steps:

1. Choose Fresh Fish

Samples of fresh fish

Source: Facebook / Fresh Fish Citayam Station

The first way that is quite important is to choose fish that is always fresh.

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Even if you have chosen the right fish, the fish will still be spoiled if it is not fresh.

If you want to find fresh fish, you can know these steps:

  1. The fish does not have a fishy smell, acid, or has an ammonia smell.
  2. Fish eyes are always bright and clear.
  3. The flesh of the fish is always solid and the gills are red in color.
  4. The blood line on the fish flesh is red.
  5. The flesh of the fish will return to normal if pressed.
  6. No discoloration or dryness along the way.

When the criteria are metOf course, the fish is fresh and suitable for long-term storage.

2. Clean the Fish Inside and Out

Clean the fresh fish

Source: review.bukalapak.com

The next point is to clean the fish before storing it in the refrigerator.

Bringing the fish earlier, there is a risk of developing the microorganisms that make the fish rot.

You can find the following steps:

  1. First, wash your hands first, then wash the fish under running water.
  2. Clean the fish scales with a knife.
  3. Then clean the opposite direction of the scales from the tail to the head of the fish.
  4. Remove the entrails of the fish and cut the length from the belly to the head.
  5. Next, remove the fish head by cutting the bones surrounding the body.
  6. Finally, wash the fish again under running water.

3. Choose an Airtight Container

How to store fish in the refrigerator with additional space

Source: Mediatani.co

After cleaning and choosing fresh fish, you should also choose an airtight container.

The purpose of using the container is to prevent the smell of fish from mixing with other foods in the refrigerator.

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Therefore, the use of a container will help to avoid contamination of the fish with different foods in the refrigerator so as not to cause an unpleasant smell.

4. Store fish in the refrigerator at a low temperature

The storage of fish in the refrigerator

Source: Linisahat.com

When storing fish in the refrigerator, use the lowest temperature you can set at 4.4 degrees Celsius or lower.

To keep the room temperature cold, you can use ice cubes to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

In fact, low temperatures can prevent chemical reactions in raw foods.

If the temperature of the refrigerator is below 5 degrees, it can prevent the development of microorganisms and prevent contamination.

5. Put the Fish in the deepest position in the Refrigerator

Keep the fish in the deepest part

Source: Astronauts.id

If you store the fish in the refrigerator, this will be very dangerous because the remaining water from the fish can drip and spread to other parts of the refrigerator.

Therefore, it is better to put the fish in the deepest position in the refrigerator to ensure good freshness and not easily spoiled and expired.

The reason is, if you put it on the door of the refrigerator, it will make the temperature of the fish unstable and exposed to the outside air.

6. Wrap the Fish in Plastic Wrap

Cover the fish with plastic wrap

Source: Sajiansedap.grid.id

The next way to store fish in the refrigerator is to use it plastic film like a wrapper.

This plastic can be a substitute for an airtight container if you don’t have one.

It is highly recommended that the plastic you use is in new condition to be cleaner and fresher.

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Here are some ways to store fish in the refrigerator that you can do to keep it fresh at home.

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