6 Ways to store button mushrooms so they don’t rot easily. Easy going!

6 Ways to store button mushrooms so they don’t rot easily. Easy going!

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Confused about how to properly store button fungi to make them last longer? Go, learn the trick through the reviews in this article, Property People!

Basically, mushrooms have a soft texture and high moisture.

This is why this food tends to spoil quickly.

Especially if you look at it the wrong way.

Well, to extend their life, try to apply the following method of storing button mushrooms!

6 Ways to Store Button Mushrooms Correctly

1. Separate the fresh mushrooms

how to preserve button mushrooms

The life of a type of mushroom that is safe to eat is really very short.

However, it is not impossible to increase the shelf life.

First, you only have to separate the button mushrooms that are still fresh and not.

Fresh mushrooms are usually dressed cool and has a hard texture.

Because the texture is still hard, you can keep it for a long time.

Meanwhile, for mushrooms that are not fresh, they immediately become salads or other cooking ingredients.

2. Clean the dirty mushroom parts

The next way to store button mushrooms is to clean the soil that remains on the surface of the mushrooms.

However, be sure not to wash under running water, as this will add moisture.

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This is because the mushrooms have the ability to absorb water as high as a sponge.

Simply cut off the roots with a knife and wipe the surface with a dry paper towel before storing.

If the mushrooms are already in water, remove them first before storing.

3. Store in an Airtight Container

how to preserve button mushrooms

So that the mushrooms do not rot easily, you can store them in an airtight container like tupperware.

Adjust the size of the container according to the number of button mushrooms you want to store.

Then, cover the bottom with a few sheets of tissue or paper.

Place the mushrooms on top, cover the container tightly, and put it in the refrigerator.

Kitchen cabinets can also be an option, as long as the conditions are dry and clean.

However, at room temperature the mushrooms can only last 2-3 days.

Meanwhile, the temperature of the refrigerator is effective in increasing the age of the mushrooms up to 1-2 weeks.

4. Slice Button Mushrooms Before Storage

Another option for storing button mushrooms is to cut them first.

Cut the mushrooms into thin slices and soak them in water sprinkled with salt.

Then, boil the mushrooms and salted water until it boils with high heat.

After 5-10 minutes, remove the button mushrooms, put them in a container, and store them in the refrigerator.

In this way, the mushrooms can last up to a week before their quality decreases.

5. Freeze the Mushrooms First

the right way to store button mushrooms

You can also consider freezing the mushrooms before storing.

This method of storing button mushrooms is effective in maintaining their quality for up to two weeks or more.

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However, be sure to freeze fresh, not wilted, mushrooms.

If the surface of the mushrooms is slightly charred, you have to cook them first to prevent the enzymes working in it.

In this way, the quality of the mushrooms will remain awake after freezing.

6. Dry the button mushrooms in the oven

Drying button mushrooms with an electric oven is also effective in maintaining their quality.

The reason is that dried mushrooms return to their chewy texture after boiling in hot water.

In terms of appearance, there will be no noticeable changes.

Here are the steps to dry mushrooms in the oven:

  • Cut the mushrooms into thin or large slices, adjust as needed.
  • Arrange the mushrooms on the oven tray, making sure that nothing is too close and hidden.
  • Turn on the oven at 52 degrees Celsius for 3-8 hours, depending on the cut.

When the drying is finished, put the mushrooms in the bag zip lock or other airtight container.

For the record, perfectly dried mushrooms will look slightly cracked, not bent.


This is a complete review of how to care for button mushrooms that you can apply at home.

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