6 Ways to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator correctly to stay fresh

6 Ways to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator correctly to stay fresh

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Have you bought bean sprouts in bulk but don’t have time to process them all? Go ahead, check out how to store bean sprouts in the fridge below to keep them fresh longer!

Sprouts are a type of vegetable that does not last long after picking.

On the third day only, the texture will become mushy, a little withered, and smell musty.

Especially if it is stored in an area with room temperature.

However, there are steps you can take to extend its freshness.

For more details, see just how to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator in the following article, OK!

6 Ways to store bean sprouts in the correct refrigerator

1. Separate Unfresh Sprouts

how to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator

Before storing bean sprouts, first select the quality.

Separate the fresh bean sprouts from the wilted ones in a separate container.

The characteristics of fresh bean sprouts that you can pay attention to are that they do not smell sour, they are brightly colored, and they are not mushy.

For bean sprouts that are not fresh, you can process them immediately as a cooking ingredient.

2. Do not wash Sprouts

The next way to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator that you need to pay attention to is the cleaning phase.

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Be sure to clean the soil on the roots and the scalp of the bean sprouts before storing.

However, avoid washing the bean sprouts because they run the risk of making them slimy and rotten quickly.

Simply scrape the brick on the bean sprouts manually using the help of a kitchen knife.

When the bean sprouts are already wet, it is better to dry them first with a cloth or tissue.

3. Wrap with paper

To absorb the moisture, wrap the bean sprouts in paper.

However, avoid wrapping in newsprint because the ink contains harmful chemicals.

Choose blank HVS paper so that safety is guaranteed, then put it in plastic and store it in the refrigerator.

Also, make sure not to replace the paper with tissue.

The reason is that the tissue can absorb water that will accelerate the decay process of the bean sprouts.

As a result, the texture of bean sprouts will be soft and slimy faster.

4. Put in an Airtight Container

the correct way to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator

Another option for storing bean sprouts in the refrigerator is to put the bean sprouts in an airtight container.

Then put the container on top of the fridge.

In this way, the bean sprouts can last up to 5-7 days.

In any case, it is a good idea to separate the bean sprouts according to the processing plan.

The goal is that you do not need to repeatedly open the container of bean sprouts when you have to cook.

The reason is, the intensity of the opening of the container can affect the durability of the bean sprouts that you store.

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5. Soak in Lime Water

The next alternative is to store bean sprouts by soaking them in lime juice.

First, prepare an airtight container first, pour water into it, and add slices of lime.

Then, put the bean sprouts in the container and make sure that the entire surface is submerged in water.

After that, you can immediately put it in the refrigerator.

The freshness of bean sprouts can last up to four days, but you have to wash them first before cooking.

6. Use salt water

Finally, you can consider storing it in salt water.

In this way, bean sprouts can last seven days or a whole week.

In any case, the water must be changed every 2-3 days so that the sprouts are not slimy.

Also, you have to process the bean sprouts immediately after a week to keep the nutrition.

Tips for processing bean sprouts to maintain nutrition

how to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator

When you have to cook bean sprouts, make sure you know how to process them properly.

First, this vegetable must be processed when it is still fresh, because withered bean sprouts can cause poisoning.

Also, be sure to clean the tips of the roots well.

The reason is, the presence of the roots makes the bean sprouts stale faster after they ripen.

As a result, bacteria that cause health problems appear more quickly.

So, make sure you don’t cook the bean sprouts for too long because you risk reducing the nutritional content in them.

Instead, cook the bean sprouts directly with boiling water for 5-10 seconds.

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I hope how to store bean sprouts in the refrigerator is useful for you, eh.

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