6 Ways to Repel Caterpillars Without Pesticides. Safer, lol!

6 Ways to Repel Caterpillars Without Pesticides. Safer, lol!

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In the yard began to appear a lot of caterpillars? Be careful not to let it eat your plants and run into the house. Be sure to treat immediately, get rid of the following caterpillars, of!

The caterpillars are usually in the yard of a house that is lush with trees.

It crawls on the leaves of the trees and eats slowly.

The effect is that the growth of the plant is disturbed because many parts of the leaves are hollow, Sahabat 99.

In addition to the yard, caterpillars can also climb on the terrace and even in the house if you let them.

Therefore, immediately apply the following method of expulsion of caterpillars so that they are no longer annoying, of!

6 Ways to get rid of caterpillars at home

1. Take it by hand and burn it in a container

effective steps to eradicate caterpillar pests

First, you can take back the burnt caterpillars.

Pick up the caterpillars one by one by hand and put them in a large container like a barrel.

Then cover the pile of caterpillars with dry leaves.

Pour gasoline or kerosene into the barrel and burn the pile so that the caterpillars disappear.

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But be sure to be careful when you take the hand, of.

Do not let your skin be poisoned by caterpillars that can cause itchy attacks.

If it has already happened, overcome it immediately with aloe vera gel which has a calming effect.

2. Use fragrant plants

Another solution, fill the home page with strongly scented plants.

This method of getting rid of caterpillars is the best alternative to reduce the risk of touching.

You can choose insect repellent plants such as basil, lavender or mint.

Not only caterpillars, mosquitoes will also run away from the house if they smell the aroma.

3. Keep poultry at home

how to get rid of caterpillars with birds

Keeping poultry in the garden is also effective in reducing the risk of the appearance of caterpillars.

The reason is that birds are animals that eat caterpillars, so the two are natural enemies.

Take your pet regularly in the morning and evening so that he is free to hunt.

Not only chickens and ducks, you can also use pet birds, cook.

You just need to put the cage near the plants that are prone to pests.

4. Applying Oil Around the Outdoor Area

Another way, you can apply the oil in areas outside the house, such as the patio.

The oil has a slippery nature, so the texture is not liked by the caterpillars.

In addition, the smell of the oil is also quite stinging, thus making insects reluctant to approach.

In the end, the yard will be spared from the accumulation of caterpillars, Friends 99.

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5. Using rice water

how to get rid of caterpillars with rice water

Source: curlygirlswag.com

Another solution, use the rice washing water that you left for 7 days.

Mold Beauveria Bassiana it will grow in the liquid and can be a powerful weapon against caterpillar pests.

You just need to pour a solution that contains bacteria Beauveria Bassiana to stubborn caterpillars in the garden.

Interestingly, in addition to being a natural pesticide, rice washing water is also good for plant growth, that’s it.

It’s just that, use fresh water, not the one that has been precipitated before.

6. Make Natural Pesticides from Red Chili

You can also try making natural pesticides from red chilies, Sahabat 99.

The only ingredients needed are:

  • Red chili
  • Liquid soap
  • Just water
  • garlic

Mix all the ingredients and leave for a while until the water absorbs the ingredients.

Add the remaining water to the spray, then use it to spray the caterpillars.

Caterpillar pests will be reduced effectively and efficiently without damaging your lawn.


I hope the information is useful, friend 99.

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