6 Ways to remove the smell of iron in drilling well water. Easy going!

6 Ways to remove the smell of iron in drilling well water. Easy going!

how to remove the smell of iron in well water

Here are some ways to get rid of the smell of iron in your well water. The steps are easy, so the unpleasant smell of the water can be overcome.

Bore well water is one of the main sources of survival for many people, especially not many houses have PAM water facilities.

However, does the well water in your house smell of iron? Do not hesitate to find a solution immediately.

The smell of iron or rust and accompanied by the color of the well water is cloudy, of course, it makes you uncomfortable to use.

For information, well water has an unpleasant odor due to the excessive content of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mg).

So, is water that smells like iron dangerous?

Yes, of course, the iron smelling of the well water will be the cause of various diseases, such as itching, even diarrhea.

The well water is clear, but the smell of iron also indicates that it is of poor quality and unsuitable for consumption, either for cooking or drinking.

nah There are a number of ways to deal with the smell of iron that you can practice.

Quoting from various sources, here are the tips.

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6 Ways to remove the smell of iron in well water

1. Give Chlorine or Alum

how to remove iron from borehole water with alum

(Source: Kimiasamarinda.com)

A way to remove the smell of iron in the water of the hole can be to give alum powder.

Alum is very useful as a method of purifying water that contains iron.

Simply give the alum to the well water that has been sheltered, this step is done to kill the bacteria.

2. Using Chlorine

Chlorine not only serves to purify the pool water, but it can also eliminate odors in the holes.

Well water that has been given chlorine should not be consumed immediately, because it is not harmful to health.

Chlorine is a water purifier, so you can use it to purify and remove iron odors.

In any case, let it sit for a few days in the reservoir until the smell of the water disappears until it is ready to use.

3. Deepen the drilling well

How-to-resolve-iron-smell-in-water-soil well

(Source: Tribunnews.com)

Cloudy well water and the smell of iron can be caused because the hole in your house is not deep enough.

One way to get rid of smelly water is to dig a deep enough water source.

For this step, usually the water digger knows the right depth. Also, add a well water filter.

This is done so that the well water is not contaminated and contaminated with liquids or other substances, which can be dangerous.

4. Use a water filter

There is an easy way to remove the smell of iron in the water of the well, you can use a water filter installed in the pipe near the toren.

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Now there are many types of well water filter products, which you can get at the nearest hardware store.

To last a long time, you have to be diligent in changing the filter, but it depends on the level of dirty water.

This is done as a way to purify water for use in the needs of the house.

5. Use Salt

purify the water well with salt

(Source: Merdeka.com)

The content of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) found in salt can remove the smell of iron in well water.

As for facing the iron that can water well with this technique, it is only necessary to sprinkle a packet of salt in the well, then let it sit for a few days.

You can repeat it several times, until the iron smell of the water disappears.

6. Using Coconut Shell

You can also use coconut shells as a way to deal with iron and yellow smelly water.

This is because this natural ingredient contains activated carbon compounds that can bind soil and purify well water.

For the step, wrap some coconut shells with a clean cloth.

Then, put it in the well. After that, wait a few days until the well water is clean.

Well, it turns out that how to get rid of the smell of iron in the well water is easy and cheap, you don’t have to worry anymore.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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