6 Ways to Prevent Floods from Entering Your Home, Easy to Do!

6 Ways to Prevent Floods from Entering Your Home, Easy to Do!

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Entering the last month of every year, the rainfall is only higher! Several flood-prone areas across Indonesia have begun to sink. It is also possible that flooding can spread to areas that have never been flooded before, including your home area. I hope this doesn’t happen!

Standby one starts now!

Here are six ways to prevent flooding from entering your home as soon as possible.

The habits formed by you and the people around you can be effective in preventing this disaster from reaching your home.

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How to prevent flooding in the domestic environment

1. Create Biopores and Infiltration Wells

The next way to prevent flooding is to make water infiltration holes in the form of wells or bipores.

The holes made can make the rainwater that falls more easily into the ground or can be discharged directly into the drainage channel.

The creation of infiltration wells requires some extra energy and money, because the soil must be drilled and dug to a fairly large depth.

Meanwhile, the practical way is to make small holes with low depth, namely biopores.

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The more biopore holes in the yard, the safer the house from the danger of flooding.

In addition to being useful as an absorption medium, the biopore can also be a well for making useful organic compost.

2. Use Paving Block on the Page

A house must have an open ground as a medium for the absorption of rainwater or other water.

Therefore, it does not cover the entire front area of ​​the house or carport using asphalt or ceramic floors.

It is good to use paving block o block of grass which has a hole in the middle.

In addition to helping the water absorb into the soil, use it paving block by area carport also durable and strong.

3. Do not close the drain!

The disproportionate growth of road construction with the number of vehicles often makes people arbitrarily near solokan to be used as land through vehicles.

This, of course, will cause the rainwater to accumulate continuously so that it can soak the house.

Therefore, never close the cap in front of the house so that water can enter and then flow into streams or rivers.

The next thing to do is to clean the drains or plugs on a regular basis, independently or together with the neighbors.

4. Increase the surface of the house

This is the right way if you are renovating your home.

Why exactly?

Because raising the surface of the house requires a large amount of money if it is not done in conjunction with other renovation processes.

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In addition, the process is long enough that it can interfere with daily activities.

However, this solution is very effective in making the house avoid flooding if the position of the house is lower than the street position.

5. Dispose of Trash in its place

As is known, one of the causes of flooding comes from the community itself, namely the habit of throwing garbage into ditches or rivers.

To change the habit, of course, you have to start with yourself and your home environment.

You have to start disciplining yourself and family members to dispose of household waste at the Final Disposal Site (TPA).

This should be familiar especially if there is no garbage collector in the residence.

6. How to Prevent Floods by Planting Trees

It is undeniable, the presence of trees in the houses in the city is less and less.

Although the presence of large trunk trees at home can help absorb rainwater.

Therefore, you should also start planting trees that have a high water absorption.

Some examples are the water friend, the hamlet tree, the ylang and the mango tree in the garden.

I hope that the information and advice that we have presented can be useful for you to prevent floods from entering your home.

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