6 ways to organize a 3×3 guest room to make it more comfortable – Ruparupa Blog

6 ways to organize a 3×3 guest room to make it more comfortable – Ruparupa Blog

Furniture for a boarding room 3x3 kos

Organizing a 3 × 3 square meter guest room is often a challenge. If you choose wrong furniturethe room might seem crowded.

In addition, the boarding hall is a place where we carry out daily activities, to serve simultaneously as dining room to the room Therefore, it is important for us to create a comfortable environment to support productivity.

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So, how to organize the right 3 × 3 boardroom?

Well, because the room seems wider, we have summarized some tips to organize a boarding room of 3 × 3 square meters that you can follow, as follows.

1. Use Sofa Bed Multifunction

Sofa bed or a sleeper sofa is a versatile seat that we can turn into a bed. You can use this type of sofa in the boarding room to avoid being cramped.

During the day, you can use this sofa as a relaxing seat. Meanwhile, at night, you can use it as a soft bed to rest.

menata kamar kost 3x3
Fabric Geneva Sofa Sleeper – Blue

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2. Take Advantage of Storage Space on the background Sofa Bed

There are many models sofa bed that too it has additional storage space under the sofa. Well, if you need a lot of storage space, you can choose this model.

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However, if the sofa bed has no storage space, we can also add a separate storage box that can be inserted at the bottom of the sofa.

kamar kost 3x3
Additional storage space on the sofa bed

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3. Install a Minimalist Wall Shelf

So that the room is not narrow, we can use a minimalist wall. Be sure to use a sturdy wall shelf, so you can more freely display objects with a heavier load and not collapse.

tips for organizing a small room
Informa Chicago Wall Shelf – white

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4. Use a Multipurpose Clothes Rack with a modern model

Then we can use the clothes rack to store different clothes and accessories. So that the clothes are protected from dust, choose a clothes rack that has been equipped covered closed

However, we can also use versatile clothing racks with modern models, such as the following.

furniture for pensions
Masterspace Multipurpose Clothes Rack – White

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wear clothes for a small room
Masterspace Clothesline 42.8x62x185.2 Cm – White

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5. Use a Multifunctional Workbench

In addition to saving space, using furniture multifunction can make the room look more modern and aesthetic. One of them is using a work desk complete with storage racks and chairs.

Usually, this model of work rack can make the room more spacious because there is already storage space.

work desk
Mori Akazie Right Side Desk – Gray

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6. Place the mirror Full Body in the room

To make the room wider, use a mirror full body and put it in the corner of the room or near the cupboards. You can also choose a wall mirror so that you don’t get knocked over easily.

arrange boarding rooms
Kris floor mirror 136 X 4.3 X 36.5 Cm

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Well, these are some tips to organize a small pension room to make it more comfortable to live.

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