6 ways to make your own baskets at home

6 ways to make your own baskets at home


Distributing hampers on special days has become a tradition for many people to establish kinship ties. It is not surprising, we can find many obstacles that are sold before the holidays, such as Eid al-Fitr, Christmas and New Year.

To make it more special, you can make your own package at home. So, you can choose the content and the design of obstacles as you wish.

Various banners

So, how to make baskets at home?

In order not to get confused, see the steps to make your own obstacles at home below.

1. Determine the Theme of the Hampers Contents

Before starting to do, first determine the topic of the obstacles based on its content. To make it easier, you can adjust the content of the obstacles to the hobbies of the recipient. For example, you can make a full gift kitchen set when he likes to cook.

The following are recommendations for kitchen utensil and cutlery sets that you can use as hampers, as follows.

make cutlery baskets
Delica Set 16 Pcs Cutlery – White

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make kitchen baskets
Kris 5-piece tableware set – green

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2. Prepare a Box Box

Then the basket is prepared to put the contents of the package. To make it more contemporary, you can use a basket box made of woven rattan and bamboo.

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Make sure that the size of the basket box can accommodate all the items, as we recommend below.

kotak obstacles
Woven Basket Box 40×40 Cm – Grey

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bamboo box
Storage Box Set of 3 Bamboo – Brown

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3. Cover the basket with cloth

To make it more beautiful, give a basket stove with table runner. You can use it table runner with interesting motifs to make it more charming. Choose table runner bright colors to accentuate the content of the obstacles, as we recommend below.

table runner baskets
Table Runner 33×180 Cm Foil Print 061

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table runner
Table Runner 33×180 Cm Foil Print 088

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4. Arrange the contents of the Hampers

Fill the basket with the big items first and put them in the middle, then you can put the smaller items around. This method will make the obstacles more orderly and fit a lot.

dish basket
Organize the contents of the clean package to make it more beautiful.

5. Add Decorations and Greeting Cards

If there are still empty parts in the basket, you can put some nice decorations to fill them. Also add a greeting card and put it in the basket to make it even more memorable.

You can write greeting cards with holiday greetings, such as happy new year, Merry christmas, and Eid Mubarak.

6. Wrap in clear plastic

After you finish arranging the items, wrap the package with transparent plastic. Be sure to use strong, thick plastic so it doesn’t tear easily.

You can also add a ribbon as a finishing touch. Use 2 creams and golden yellow ribbons to make it more beautiful, like the following.

Pita hinders the cream
Chris Peter Gift Satin 7/8 Inch – Cream

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yellow tape
Kris Satin Gift Ribbon 5/8 Inch Lemon – Yellow

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So, that’s how to make baskets at home. You can find many household products to make packages easily www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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