6 ways to make a wardrobe from used cardboard

6 ways to make a wardrobe from used cardboard

how to make an unused cardboard closet

In this article, you can find out how to make a used cardboard wardrobe. Go ahead, see the complete steps to be more efficient.

Wardrobes are household furniture that are in almost every home.

Its function as a place to store clothes, pants, shoes and other necessities makes the existence of a wardrobe irreplaceable.

The cabinets themselves are usually made of strong and durable wood.

Even so, the price of a wardrobe is relatively expensive for some people so they cannot afford it.

If you don’t have time to buy, you can make a used cardboard cabinet that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Curious how?

Let’s go, let’s see how to make a wardrobe from used cardboard that is easy and inexpensive, www.lacrymosemedia.com reports from various sources.

6 ways to make a wardrobe from used cardboard

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

how to make a cabinet with tools and cardboard materials

Source: Tokopedia

The first step you have to do is to prepare some tools and materials.

Here are some of the lists:

  1. kingdom
  2. scissors
  3. Cutter
  4. Lem
  5. Plywood
  6. Used cardboard
  7. Wrapping paper or old newspapers

Those were some materials and tools that you can prepare as basic equipment.

You can add or reduce the above ingredients as needed.

Once prepared, you can move on to the next stage.

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2. Cut the Cardboard according to the Cabinet Pattern

The second step is to cut the cardboard according to the wardrobe model you want.

Before doing this step, you should already know the design of the wardrobe frame that you want to make.

It is 2 levels, 3 levels or 4 levels.

Cut out some cardboard like a vertical and horizontal cardboard structure.

Don’t forget to cut the plywood also to support the cabinets to make it stronger to hold the load.

3. Separate Cardboard Patterns

The third way to make a cabinet from used cardboard is to separate the cardboard models from each other.

This is to make it easier for you to organize and install the cardboard.

Many people find it difficult to assemble cardboard boxes in a wardrobe because they do not separate the models.

What happens if it is installed incorrectly is that you have to disassemble the cardboard that was installed again.

4. Connect you Cut Cardboard

how to make a cardboard wardrobe

Source: klikdisini.id

Then you can match or connect the existing cartoon models.

How to make a cardboard wardrobe is very important and you have to do it carefully.

You can use Korean glue or any other type of glue to attach the cut cardboard patterns.

Do not forget to use plywood to strengthen the structure of the cabinet.

5. Design or Image Second Taste

After the cardboard cabinet has been formed, you can decorate it with wrapping paper or old newspapers so that the cardboard or plywood parts are not visible when in use.

Not only use wrapping paper, you can use other tools to decorate your closet.

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6. Closet strength test

how to make a cardboard wardrobe

Source: klikdisini.id

The last step you have to do is to test the strength of the cabinets with weights.

If you are strong enough to support the load of a shirt or pants, then you have done all the above steps correctly.


These are the steps and how to make an easy wardrobe from used cardboard.

Hope the above article is helpful, Owners!

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