6 ways to make a minimalist 3×3 kitchen for only 5 million IDR

6 ways to make a minimalist 3×3 kitchen for only 5 million IDR

Do it minimalist kitchen a clean and charming size 3 × 3 is not impossible. Also, if you live in a small house or apartment with a limited area. You can also arrange a small kitchen to make it look more spacious and attractive.

The main thing you should do before building a kitchen is to set a budget. In addition to preventing overspending, a clear budget can help determine kitchen design faster.

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So, how to make a 3×3 minimalist kitchen with a budget of IDR 5 million?

So, this time, we will share some easy steps to make a kitchen with a budget of IDR 5 million. Check out our review below.

1. Prepare the room to make a minimalist kitchen

Cooking activities will cause the air in the kitchen to be hot. Therefore, make sure that the room you are going to make a kitchen has a window to facilitate air circulation.

Instead of in the middle of the room, put the kitchen at the edge or corner of the house so that the hot air does not spread.

2. Select Kitchen set according to Home Needs

minimalist kitchen 3x3
Choose a kitchen set with a minimalist design that is suitable for narrow kitchens.

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Pay attention to the shape kitchen set to fit the size of the room. You can wear it kitchen set linear shape for a kitchen that measures 3 × 3 m. If you want kitchen set which is rather large, can choose kitchen set corner

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3. Fill the minimalist kitchen cabinet with kitchen utensils

With a budget of IDR 5 million, you definitely have to be smart in choosing kitchen utensils. Instead, fill the kitchen with kitchen utensils versatile essential.

For example, use a pan to cook eggs, sauté and fry at the same time. Then, you can use the pot to make less soup, boil and steam, like our tips below.

minimalist kitchen utensils
Flonal Set of 7 pieces Pepita Kitchenware
Kitchen utensil set with non-stick aluminum material.

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minimalist kitchen equipment
Flonal Set of 7 pieces Pepita Kitchenware
This cookware produces an even distribution of heat making the food more delicious.

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4. Place the stove for cooking

For a minimalist kitchen, you can use it gas stove 2 burners with a simple and simple design. Make sure the stove you buy has SNI standards to make it safer, like our tips below.

stove kitchen appliance
Rinnai Gas Stove 2 Furnaces Ri-302s – Black
2 burner gas stove that has been fitted to SNI standards.

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minimalist kitchen stove
Gas Stove Sanken 2 Furnaces Sg-336ss
Minimalist 2-burner gas stove with black heat-resistant glass.

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5. Add a Minimalist Kitchen Table

minimalist kitchen table
Use a minimalist and versatile kitchen table equipped with 2 benches.

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If you need more space to prepare food, you can use it the kitchen table with a length of about 100 cm. The price of a kitchen table is quite affordable, like our recommendation above for IDR 1.6 million.

6. Add Bright Lighting

Finally, you should install a lamp with white light for that the look of the kitchen bright In this way, you can be more attentive to the kitchen and avoid unwanted things.

To save more energy, you can use LED lights, such as the following.

LED lamp
Apa Bohlam Led 3w 270lm – Cool Daylight
3 W bright white LED light.

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LED kitchen light
Apa Bohlam Led 5watt 450lm – Cool Daylight
5 W LED lamp suitable for kitchen needs.

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If you add all the furniture above, you only spend about 5 million IDR to make a minimalist kitchen. If there is any remaining budget, use it to buy other kitchen equipment.

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