6 Ways to Grow Papaya in Pots from Seeds for Fast Fruiting

6 Ways to Grow Papaya in Pots from Seeds for Fast Fruiting

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There is no need for a large area, do you want to know how to grow papaya in pots in the backyard? Check out the following method, go!

Papaya cultivation should not only be done in a large area, but it can also be done in a narrow area.

To make the process of growing papaya in pots to run smoothly, be sure to choose a type of papaya whose trees do not grow too large.

Also, make sure that the type also produces sweet fruits so that it is delicious to eat with the family.

There are six stages that you need in the cultivation of papaya, from the selection of seeds to the harvest.

More details, learn how to grow papaya in the following pot, go!

How to grow papaya in a pot

1. Choose Papaya Seeds

papaya seeds

source: toko.sentratani.co

How to plant papaya starts from the seed selection process.

At this stage, there are two types of seeds that are good to choose, namely superior seeds from agricultural shops or make your own seeds.

If you don’t want to bother making your own seeds, you should choose to buy superior seeds from an agricultural store.

In addition to being hassle-free, the quality of the seeds is more guaranteed and you can also choose different types of papaya seeds, such as California papaya, Bangkok, and so on.

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To plant in pots, it is highly recommended to choose the California papaya because this type is not too big and is suitable for planting in pots.

However, if you prefer to make your own seeds, follow step number two below.

2. Prepare Papaya Seeds

papaya seeds

source: Kabartani.com

To get good papaya seeds, you have to select the papaya fruit that you want to get the seeds from.

Choose papaya fruit with an elongated shape, not deformed, free from diseases, and allowed to ripen on the tree.

Take the seeds contained in the papaya fruit and carry out the germination process as follows:

  • Soak papaya seeds overnight in warm water.
  • Take the sunken seeds, wash, then drain.
  • Place the seeds in a large plastic bag.
  • Tie the plastic tightly to prevent air from escaping.
  • In about 7-12 days, the seeds will begin to germinate.

3. Planting Media Processing

planting media

source: baktikunegaraku.com

After the seeds are ready, how to plant papaya, the next thing to do is to prepare the planting medium.

The process of preparing papaya planting media is not difficult, it is enough to mix garden soil and manure with a 2:1 ratio.

So that the planting medium can work well, make sure that the manure is old because if the fertilizer is not mature it can cause heat and kill the plants.

After the planting medium is ready, prepare a pot with a diameter of at least 40 cm and a drainage hole at the bottom.

There must be a drainage hole, so that the residual water can flow and the plant does not rot.

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Fill the bottom of the pot with crushed tiles, cooking coal, gravel, so that the drainage holes are maintained.

4. Papaya Seed Plant

When the seeds and planting medium are ready, begin the process of planting papaya seeds directly by placing the seeds in the planting medium.

Plant the seeds in an upright position, then make sure the roots are covered with soil.

5. Papaya Tree Care

papaya in a pot


After the papaya tree is about 1.5 months old, do the embroidery by removing the plants that grow badly and replace them with new seeds.

Look at the papaya tree when flowers begin to grow in the axils of the leaves at about 4 months of age.

If the flower grows single, it means that the flower is female. Meanwhile, if the flowers grow in clusters, then it is a male flower.

To provide nutrients, do the follow-up fertilization in the second week with manure or compost.

Water the papaya tree at least once a day if the environment is dry. But if the rainfall is high, make sure that the soil is not dry.

6. Collection

In general, papaya trees begin to bear fruit in 12 months or a year.

The papaya fruit that is harvested must be fruit that is close to the mature stage of the tree with a characteristic yellow line on the skin of the fruit.

It should be noted, the productivity of the papaya tree depends on the climate, variety and care.

The most popular type of papaya in Indonesia

Like other fruits, papaya also consists of several types that have their own characteristics.

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In Indonesia, there are several types of papaya that are popularly consumed, namely the following:

  • Hawaiian papaya
  • Bangkok papaya
  • Pepaya red woman
  • California papaya
  • Papaya Carisya
  • Papaya arum bogor
  • Papaya Cibinong


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