6 Ways to Get Ketonggeng Out of the House Safely, Escape Guaranteed!

6 Ways to Get Ketonggeng Out of the House Safely, Escape Guaranteed!

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How to remove ketonggeng from home can be done with materials that are easily available and harmless. Go read the full review!

The existence of ketonggeng entering the house often occurs when the rainy season arrives.

When seen from the shape and color, ketonggeng or ketungging is similar to a scorpion.

However, ketonggeng and kalajeking are two different animals.

Ketonggeng is an insect that is included in the race Thelyphonida.

Animals that have claws like scorpions do not have poison, but they have a very pungent smell like vinegar.

In terms of size, ketonggeng is smaller than scorpions, reaching only 5 cm.

Ketungging is often found around the house, especially after the rain has stopped.

If you find it, don’t kill it right away. We suggest just kicking it out

How to get rid of ketonggeng from the house is more or less similar to how to get rid of scorpions.

Compiled from various sources, Berita www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia presents a number of ways to extract ketonggeng from materials available at home.

Go ahead, just take a look at the following reviews!

5 Ways to remove Ketonggeng from the house

1. Keep the Bathroom Clean

how to get rid of ketonggeng at home

One way ketonggeng enters the home is usually through the toilet.

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Therefore, it is important for you to keep the bathroom clean.

You can use the cleaning fluid to clean toilet floors, cabinets and bathtubs.

If you find a ketonggeng in the bathroom, wash it with water to put the animal in the drain.

2. Keep the Yard Clean

Generally, ketonggeng nest in hidden places.

For example, the yard of the house is full of leaves, twigs and rocks.

Such areas can become nests and favorite places for the ketonggeng to hide.

Therefore, it is important for you to keep your basement clean on a regular basis.

3. Close the Gap in the House

Ketonggeng can infiltrate your home through cracks or holes in your home.

Try to close any gaps so that the ketonggeng cannot enter. For example, close the gaps in doors and windows with glass.

Also, repair the holes immediately to prevent the entry of these punic animals.

If all areas have been closed, surely the ketonggeng will not enter your home.

4. Insecticide Spray

get rid of ketonggeng at home

As with other annoying insects, you can repel the ketonggeng spraying insecticide.

Spray at the points where the ketonggeng passes through your home.

When spraying, be sure to wear personal protective equipment.

Also, in case of doubt, you can also use the services of midges.

5. Use New Chalk

New lime is popularly used to repel various insects that enter the house.

One of them is to remove the ants that enter the house.

The trick, save some fresh lime in a place that becomes the point of entry, for example in the space in the door and the bathroom.

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Check periodically to replace the new lime.

6. Sprinkle Apple Cider Vinegar

Of the many ways that have been shown above, perhaps this way is the most powerful.

If you see ketungging grinding at home, sprinkle apple cider vinegar on the animal’s body.

Apple cider vinegar can make ketungging confusing. It might even kill him.

Because the ketunggeng will be poisoned with apple cider vinegar attached to his body.


This is how to get rid of ketonggeng from home safely and easily using household materials.

Hope this review helps, Property!

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