6 Ways to Fix Problematic LED Lights Without Replacement New

6 Ways to Fix Problematic LED Lights Without Replacement New

how to fix home led lights

Do not rush to throw away a broken LED lamp! Use the following LED light repair method and you won’t need to buy a new one!

LED lights have advantages over ordinary light bulbs.

Compared to ordinary lamps, LED lamps have a long service life, are more energy efficient and are more environmentally friendly.

However, this does not mean that all LED home lights cannot be switched off.

Some things like too much lamp wattage, frequent switching off and on, will cause the LED lamp to fail in a few months.

When the LED lights at home are already damaged, do not rush to throw them away.

In addition to the fact that LED lights are quite expensive, it turns out that there is a clever trick to make lights that have been completely dead come back.

Using this trick, you do not need to spend more money, or even you can repair the lamps that have been stored because they are damaged.


How to fix broken LED lights at home

1. Total Death Without Any Symptoms

If the LED is completely dead, first check the resistance.

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Here’s how to fix a totally dead LED light:

  1. Open the LED light case by turning it
  2. Prepare a multitester avometer, soldering iron and tweezers
  3. Try one for a micro LED with multitester avometer. If there is a micro LED that does not light up, it means that the micro LED is broken. If one of the micro LEDs breaks, everything won’t work
  4. Mark the micro LED that does not light up
  5. If there is no avometer multitester, look at the black scorched spots on the micro LED
  6. If there are black dots, it means that the micro LED is broken.
  7. Remove the outer part of the LED
  8. Place the LED component on the soldering iron, with the micro LED position marked (or carbonized) directly above it
  9. Remove the broken micro LED with tweezers
  10. After the micro LED is removed, connect the two positive and negative positions with a soldering iron. This serves as a path to turn on other micro LEDs
  11. Place the external components in the lamp body
  12. The LED light will turn on again.

2. Elco or electrolytic capacitors are not working properly

A man is installing LED house lights - Rumah123.com

Did you follow the steps above but the light still won’t turn on? It could be that the fault is in the elco or that the electrolytic capacitor is bulging.

Do this step if this is indeed the trigger:

  1. Open the outside and check the inside on the lamp
  2. Elco damage test with an Avometer multimeter
  3. Connect the positive negative pole of the Avometer to the negative positive pole of the Elco
  4. If the avometer does not show the number of kiloohms, it means that the elco needs to be replaced
  5. If the elco does not work properly, replace it with a new elco of the same size and value
  6. Reassemble the Elco according to the pole position
  7. LED house lights are back!
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3. The egg game When the light is on

It often happens that even when we want to turn on the lights, the electricity in the house also goes down.

If this happens because of the LED light, the way to fix it is to replace it diode bridge.

Diode bridge is a component to direct alternating current into direct current.

4. Battery LED Light Soak

how to fix dim led light

Summary: YouTube AD Electronic Channel

In addition to being completely dead, LED lights often become suddenly.

When this happens, the reason the LED lighting dims off is because the battery is discharged.

What needs to be checked is the battery part.

Dry batteries with a voltage of 6-12 volts DC are usually used as LED light batteries.

Perform the following steps in case of a slightly discharged battery:

  • Measure the battery voltage after charging the battery
  • If the voltage is unstable when the lamp is on, it means that the battery has been discharged
  • Replace the battery with a new one if this happens.

5. Only part of the LED light is off

When the LED lights are completely off, it may be that only one light is off.

To fix a lamp malfunction like this, do the following:

  • Use a screwdriver to remove a dead LED
  • Connect the two legs of the dead LED with a cable
  • The LED lights will turn on as before

6. Fix the Dim LED Light

how to fix a dim led light

Source: YouTube diy ALC

One of the biggest factors that cause dim LED lights is why diode bridge damage, or damage to the resistor.

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If the cause is due to the diode bridge broken, then you inevitably have to replace the LED lights.

But if the cause is in the resistance, you can fix it at home.

Here’s how:

  • Disassemble the LED light
  • Measure the resistance voltage
  • It gives the flow to the point of the resistance that drops the voltage
  • Solder to the point of the capacitor, and remove the capacitor
  • Replace the capacitor with a new capacitor
  • Reinstall the LED light.

That’s 6 ways to repair LED lights without replacing them with new ones.

Good luck and good luck!


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