6 Ways to Fix a Totally Dead Fan Without a Repairman, Easy!

6 Ways to Fix a Totally Dead Fan Without a Repairman, Easy!

How to easily fix a dead fan

You can easily fix a totally dead fan at home. Follow the tips and tricks right here!

The fan is certainly one of the electrical devices that are widely used at home as air conditioners.

Because, the fan can make the room cooler with lower power than turning on the AC.

However, there are times when electronic goods break, including fans.

If the fan is broken or even totally dead, don’t panic.

You can repair it yourself at home without calling a repair service, it’s easy!

Immediately, see how to fix the following dead fan completely!

How to fix Total Dead Fan

What is the way to fix a dead fan at home so that it works again? Check out the discussion below:

1. Check the Cable

Fan cable connection

Source: Tokopedia.com

It sounds simple, but the first step is to make sure the cable is attached securely.

Make sure there are no tears or other external conditions that could short circuit.

Over time, the vibration of the fan motor can move the plug away from the outlet, so it should be checked first.

If it comes, you may be able to replace the outlet to make it fit and tight.

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If the sound is buzzing but does not work, it is exposed to electricity so it must be lubricated.

2. Check Circuit Breaker for complete shutdown of fan

So, if the cable is connected, but nothing happens when you turn on the fan, check to see if there is electricity in the outlet.

To do this, open the breaker panel to see if it is connected properly.

If you use an old school fan, it is not impossible to draw excess electricity and cause a circuit to break.

If this happens, the solution is to replace a new fan.

3. Check Fan Fuses

Fan fuse in the house

Source: Gurucanggih.com

After knowing the outside of the fan support, now continue to check the fuse especially this part is very important.

Most large fans are equipped with thermal fuses for safety, including circuit breakers in the case that can automatically disconnect.

This is done when the flow of electricity is too great and causes the fan to overheat.

When the fuse melts, the connection will be disconnected and the power supply to the fan will also be cut.

Check the internal wiring for this fuse through the manual.

If the fuse does not blow, Property People will have to buy a replacement fuse to get it working again.

4. Replace the Inner Cable to Overcome the Total Dead Fan

If the fan does not work even after trying another wall outlet and checking the fuses, check the internal cables carefully.

They are broken or eaten by insects, or the branches are bent or too loose.

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If the Property People indicates a problem with the cable, it can be replaced easily.

You just need to buy a suitable cable with the same type of plug and the same gauge wire.

Bring a fan to help you find a suitable cable.

It is very useful to take a photo of the way the cable was attached to the previous tool, so you can see when you install the new cable.

5. Cleaning the Fan

Clean the parts of the fan body

Source: Parapuan.id

The next step you can do is to clean the dirt on the sides and the fan.

Clean the fan with a dry cloth or kanebo that is suitable for the house cleaning process.

Do this repeatedly so that dust and dirt do not stick to the fan.

Then remove the exterior, remove the metal or plastic cover of the fan blades and remove the dust.

Pay particular attention to where the blade connects to the rear motor bearing.

6. Lubricate the Fan Machine

Fan dynamo lubrication

Source: Usahobi.com

If you turn on the fan and the fan motor continues to beep, even though the blades are not moving, the cause may be a stuck gear.

After cleaning, try to open the motor cover to be able to discover the parts of the electric motor.

Lubricate the gears and the clutch knob (the center where the blade attaches and turns).

To do this, remove the cover of the center of the headlight and guide the grease nozzle inside.

Rotate the blade and hand as you do to spread it evenly to do the job again.

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Here are some tips to get over the dead fan so it’s working again.

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