6 Ways to Clean the Fan Without Disassembly. Anti-Complicated!

6 Ways to Clean the Fan Without Disassembly. Anti-Complicated!

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The cleanliness of the fan in the house must be maintained. But sometimes, we feel lazy because we have to disassemble the fan. Therefore, it is better to follow how to clean the fan without disassembling it, go!

The fan is one of the household furniture that is usually chosen to cool the room.

The price is cheap and does not inflate the electricity bills, which is the reason why many people choose to use fans.

Unfortunately, fans that are used frequently will quickly become dusty.

In general, fans get dusty quickly because they generate wind and filter the wind.

As a result, the surrounding dust can enter the fan.

Therefore, to keep the exhaled air fresh, you have to clean the furniture regularly.

However, this cleaning process takes a long time because the fan must be disassembled.

In fact, there is a proven effective way to clean the fan that you can do, that’s it!

Applying the methods, you do not need to spend extra energy and it can be done in a short time.

Launch page kompas.com, here are some ways to clean the fan without disassembling.

How to clean a fan without disassembly

1. Using an air compressor

how to clean a fan without disassembling it with an air compressor

source: Teknikmart.com

The first way to clean the fan without disassembly is to use an air compressor.

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This one step proves to be one of the most effective and popular ways that is usually chosen.

When doing so, make sure that this furniture is brought to an open space such as a patio, garage, or canteen

Cleaning the fan with the air compressor method can make this home furniture clean up to 95 percent.

For the remaining dust, you can clean it with a stick wrapped in a microfiber cloth.

This method can be done to clean the inside of the fan blades.

2. Using Sand or Salt

Most home kitchens in Indonesia have salt.

Well, you can maximize the benefits of salt by cleaning the fan without disassembling it.

This method is very suitable for removing dust and dirt stuck to the blades of box-shaped fans, window fans, or base fans.

How to clean this fan is also easy to apply, cook

First, take a piece of paper and put a fan on it.

You can point the propeller down or up.

After that, pour the salt through the grill.

The salt that is poured will pass through the fan blades and wash away the adhering dust.

If there is no salt, you can replace it with clean and dry sand.

3. Spraying Special Cleaning Liquid

how to clean a fan without disassembling a special cleaning fluid

From the way to clean the fan without disassembling, this method is quite complicated.

Even so, this is a powerful way to make the fan look new.

First, take the fan out of the house and put it on the ground.

After that, put a plastic or plate on the part of the motor to cover the motor of the fan.

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Then, use a cleaning solution that contains sodium hypochlorite.

These ingredients are commonly found in household chemical products, clothes bleach.

Spray the cleaning fluid on the fan and then soak it for a few minutes in direct sunlight.

After it is completely dry, wash it with clean water.

4. Clean with Blower

To have blower at home?

You can use it to clean your fan.

First of all, take the dirty fan out of the room.

After that, cover with black plastic.

So, use it blower to remove dust from the fan blades or exterior.

Unfortunately, this method of cleaning the fan will not work if the dust is too thick.

5. Clean with a vacuum cleaner

how to clean a fan without taking it apart with a vacuum cleaner

source: xiaomi.ua

If you haven’t blower, Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner at home.

How to clean the fan without disassembling is quite easy to do.

Just bring the fan to an open and safe place like the porch of the house.

After that, you can start the cleaning process by vacuuming from inside the fan.

6. Wear it Hair dryer

How to clean the fan without disassembling the last one is to use hairdryer.

To do this, leave about 12-25 centimeters between hairdryer and fan blades.

So, use it parameter the air against the wall on the hair dryer.

In this way, the dust that is on the surface of the fan blades comes out.

However, this method can only be used if the dust on the fan does not accumulate.


I hope this short explanation of tips on cleaning fans without disassembling can be useful for Owners!

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