6 ways to clean oil on floors without using water

6 ways to clean oil on floors without using water

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How to clean the oil on the floor due to spills or cooking splashes is easy. Find short tips through the following article. Yukwatch till the end!

Unlike water, oil that is spilled on the floor or through splashes from the kitchen cannot be simply cleaned.

It needs special treatment so that the floor in the house, especially perhaps the kitchen, returns to shine.

If the oil spray is left for a long time, in addition to being dirty, the effect is that the floor becomes slippery and dangerous, you can fall and slip.

Through this article, Berita www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia will explain how to clean the oil on the floor so that it is clean again.

It is not difficult, because the necessary ingredients are available in the kitchen.

Launch various sources, here is the full review!

6 ways to clean the oil on the floor

1. Use Salt or Wheat Flour

Basically, how to clean the oil on the floor will be effective absorbing.

One of the ingredients you can use is salt or wheat flour.

How to use it is really easy, just sprinkle salt or flour on the floor where there is an olive oil.

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Wait a little, maybe 5 to 10 minutes for the salt or flour to absorb the oil.

When it’s done, immediately sweep away the salt, then clean.

2. Absorb with newspaper

newspaper on the floor

Photo: jlheuer.wordpress.com

The oil on the floor will not disappear when you clean it with water.

On the other hand, the floor will be more slippery.

NahThe way to clean the oil in the second floor is to absorb it with the newspaper.

It will not be too optimal, but a little residual oil will make it easier to clean with a mop.

3. Use Dish Soap

Dish soap is specially designed to clean stubborn grease.

Therefore, you can use it to remove oil stains on the floor of the house.

To do this trick, mix a spoonful of soap with warm water.

You can use this liquid mixture to clean the oil with the media sponge.

Then, wash the area with oil on the floor, until the floor is clean again as usual.

4. Clean with Detergent Mixture

detergent soap

Photo: howzoo.com

Similar to dish soap, the way to use detergent is to mix it with hot water.

The difference is, use a clean mop as a medium to remove the oil on the floor.

If it feels clean, you can clean the floor by wiping it with a floor cleaner.

5. Other materials that can be used

In addition to the above examples, there are other materials that you can use to clean the oil on the floor.

Some of these materials, among others:

  • starch;
  • Baking soda;
  • Vinegar;
  • Saw dust; and
  • Sand for cat litter.
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These materials, in principle, work to absorb oil.

Then, as the last step, you have to clean the floor so that it shines again.

Good luck.

6. Mop with Floor Cleaning Liquid

As mentioned in the points above, the ideal way to clean the oil is to absorb it.

If the oil has been absorbed in this way, the residue may still be there.

For thorough cleaning, mop the dirty floor with a floor cleaner.

Just wash as usual, guaranteed the floor will be clean again!


That’s how to clean the oil on the floor.

I hope it is helpful and useful, Friend 99.

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