6 Ways to Clean Freezer Ice Flower. Fast and efficient!

6 Ways to Clean Freezer Ice Flower. Fast and efficient!

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Property People, this time, News www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia will review how to clean the ice built up in the fridge.

The accumulation of ice on the refrigerator is one of the most annoying household problems.

The reason is, the presence of ice flowers can take up the space that should be used to store food.

In addition, this process also requires a long enough time that there is a risk of spoiling the food.

Therefore, let’s see how to clean the ice flower the fastest and most effectively.

Before entering the discussion, first consider a few things that should be considered before starting.

Check the manual of the refrigerator you are using to find out what not to do.

You can find out if the refrigerator has a defrost setting that can speed up this process.

How to clean ice flowers

Before applying any of these tricks, first do the steps below:

  • Turn off the refrigerator and leave the door open so that warm air can enter and circulate inside.
  • Keep all cold food in an isolated area (not in the open air, by wrapping it in a towel and putting it in a cooler bag to keep the food frozen.
  • Remove the entire contents of the refrigerator, from drawers, coasters, to shelves if possible (if you can’t, don’t force it because it can cause breakage).
  • Look for the drain pipe that is usually found in some refrigerators (if there is one, pull it out and connect it to a longer pipe so that you can direct the drain water as you want).
  • Place some very absorbent cloths around the fridge to prevent spills from running down.
  • If your refrigerator has a defrost function, you can turn it on to help speed up this process.
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Here are some tricks you can choose to speed up this process.

1. Hot water

hot water in the freezer

This method is not the fastest method, but it is quite simple.

Just fill a basin or pot with hot water and put it in the fridge.

The hot steam will help melt the ice in the refrigerator.

2. Hair dryer

how to clean the gel

Point the hair dryer that has been activated to the ice flower so that it melts quickly.

Protect the hair dryer cord from dripping water to prevent damage.

3. Hot spatula

Heat the spatula over the fire and use an oven mitt to keep your hands from burning.

Press the hot spatula against the ice until it breaks.

4. Warm cloth

how to clean the gel

Prepare hot water and soak the cloth in it.

A cloth in very hot water will help melt and remove the ice.

Focus on the pieces of ice that are on the edges while holding and removing the ice to remove it.

5. Alcohol


summa: Diet doctor

The use of alcohol is only effective for removing ice that is not too thick.

Simply dip a napkin in alcohol and wipe it on the ice flower.

6. Fans

This method can really work if the air in your house is warm enough.

A fan will help push hot air into the refrigerator so that the defrosting process will go faster.


These are some ways to get rid of ice flowers that you can try.

I hope this article is helpful, yes.

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