6 Ways to Clean a 2 Tube Washing Machine for a Long Life

6 Ways to Clean a 2 Tube Washing Machine for a Long Life

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How to clean a 2-tube washing machine is very easy. If done regularly, the life of a two-tube washing machine can reach more than five years!

The washing machine is an electronic device that must be present at home.

Because, it makes it easier for you in the activity of washing so that it facilitates your daily work at home.

Without these electronic elements, you will need a lot of time to wash the clothes and the energy will be more drained.

Although the washing machine is a cleaning machine, it must be cleaned regularly.

The reason is that washing machines have a service life limit of three to five years.

If it is rarely cared for, it can have a shorter life.

Well, this article is here to discuss how to clean a 2 pipe washing machine.

The reason is, to regularly clean the washing machine, this is one of your efforts to take care.

The two-pipe washing machine was chosen because it is more widely used by the wider community.

So, how to wash?

Reported by various sources, here is a full review!

6 ways to clean a 2-tube washing machine

how to clean a 2 pipe washing machine

source: youtube.com/Channel 5758

1. Routine cleaning of foam and detergent residue after washing

How to clean the first 2-tube washing machine, that is, to regularly clean the remaining foam and detergent after washing.

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That’s because we usually ignore this, often letting the remaining detergent stick.

However, this habit can cause the crust to appear in the washing machine.

Also, how to clean the remaining detergent in the washing machine is very easy. You can wash it with clean water.

But remember, the rinsing process must be done with pure water.

So, if after washing you can’t find soap and detergent residue, you still have to do the rinsing process.

2. Using Bleach

So that the inside of the washing machine looks clean and does not turn yellow, you can clean it with bleach.

It is easy to use…

First prepare bleach and hot water, mix the two.

Then, the water mixture is put in the washing machine.

Next step, turn on the washing machine for a few minutes so that the hot water and bleach are mixed.

Finally, rinse the inside of the washing machine with clean water.

3. How to Clean a 2 Tube Washing Machine with Baking Soda

In addition to using bleach, how to clean the next 2-tube washing machine is to use baking soda.

The baking soda that has been prepared, put it in a washing machine that has been previously emptied of dirty clothes and water.

Next, fill the washing machine with as much water as possible.

After that, please turn on the washing machine, as you want to clean the clothes.

Set the time for about 10 to 15 minutes.

When the above process is complete, you will see that the water looks dirty and cloudy in the washing machine.

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Don’t throw the water away immediately, let it sit for a few minutes, until the dirt that pops up has been completely removed.

If you cleanipedia.com I also suggest leaving the water marks from the baking soda for up to three hours.

When you’re done, take it out and rinse the inside of the washer until it’s clean.

So you can remove the washing machine to the maximum so that the soil disappears and the baking soda disappears.

4. Cleaning the exterior

In addition to the inside, it is also recommended to clean the outside of the washing machine often.

No need to bother, just wipe the outside with a clean cloth.

5. Wipe the inside

If the method of cleaning the 2-tube washing machine above is troublesome, you can clean the inside by simply wiping it.

Because the water that settles in the washing machine can activate the presence of mold.

Especially if the washing machine is rarely used.

6. Cleaning the Dryer Tube

After knowing how to clean the washing machine, the last point will cover how to clean the dryer from a double washing machine.

This is important, because unlike a single-tube washing machine, this type of washing machine has two tubes, both of which you must clean.

It’s very easy, just keep a thick dry towel in the dryer tube, then turn on the machine for about 10 to 15 minutes.

By default, the towel will be a cleaning medium in the washing machine tube.


Here are some ways to clean a 2 tube washing machine. Pretty easy, right?

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