6 ways to celebrate Christmas with the family

6 ways to celebrate Christmas with the family

how to celebrate Christmas
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It doesn’t seem like the day many people are waiting for is coming soon, namely Christmas. There are many ways we can celebrate Christmas with the extended family.

Of course, this moment can also be used as the right time to be closer to your family. Apart from giving Christmas giftswe can even do a fun event at home.

Various Banners

So, how to celebrate Christmas at home to make it more exciting?

Well, here we have summarized some ideas to celebrate Christmas that you can do with family and friends.

1. Decorate the Christmas tree

The end of the year celebration will not be complete without assistance Christmas tree. To make it more fun, you can invite family members to decorate the artificial tree with various interesting decorations.

Christmas tree
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christmas decoration
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2. Decorate the House

Christmas is synonymous with green, red, white, gold and silver. You can search for matching decoration colors to give a warmer Christmas impression.

Usually, this decoration of the house does not escape the decoration Christmas wreathChristmas socks, to other small Christmas ornaments, such as the following.

Christmas wreath
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3. Gift exchange activities

Exchanging gifts is the most fun part of Christmas. In addition to making you curious about the contents of the gift, this event can also make the Christmas atmosphere more fun.

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You can also put some of the gifts you have prepared for the children under the Christmas tree. Thus, they can open on Christmas Eve or in the morning.

celebrate Christmas
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Christmas Day

4. Make Christmas cakes

Of course, we need to prepare some snacks to serve to the guests who arrive.

To make it more fun, you can invite your children and other relatives to bake and decorate the typical Christmas cake, like ginger cookies and gingerbread.

You can also make Christmas pastries, such as cheesecakes, cakes glasses, and pastries with typical Christmas mold. Then, place the cake on the guest table.

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5. Watching Movies Together

Usually, there are many Christmas movies showing on television channels when Christmas is coming. You can watch this movie with your family while telling stories and enjoying snacks such as pastries, hot chocolate milk and hot tea.

Christmas party at home
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6. Dinner together

To make Christmas time feel more intimate and warm, prepare some special dishes to eat with your family.

You can put the dish in a serving container with several partitions or large. Thus, it can make it easier for other family members to take the food.

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Well, these are some fun activities you can do to celebrate Christmas with your family.

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