6 Ways to Care for Syngonium Correctly. To keep the plants beautiful!

6 Ways to Care for Syngonium Correctly. To keep the plants beautiful!

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You still don’t know how to take care syngonium what is good and right? As a reference, we see the full explanation in the article below!

The tendency to keep ornamental plants has not abated.

Different types of plants are always favored by many people, because of their unique leaf shapes and beautiful colors.

One of the ornamental plants that is often chosen is syngonium.

Another name arrowhead plant, This plant has unique arrow-shaped leaves.

If you are interested in planting syngoniumthere are a few things to know.

The reason, this plant needs special care.

Reported by various sources, take a look at the full review on how to deal with it syngonium the following!

How to care Syngonium the Good and True

1. Use Hanging Pots

how to care for syngonium with hanging pots

source: ikea.co.id

Plant syngonium usually grown outdoors.

Therefore, it is highly recommended from the beginning to be planted only in hanging pots.

The reason is that, with age, the plant will propagate.

If you use hanging pots, propagation syngonium This is guaranteed to beautify the look of your home.

2. Do not water too often

Even if the plants syngonium can grow in wet places, this leafy ornamental plant should not be too wet.

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If the plant receives too much water when watering, it can also cause the roots to rot quickly.

Therefore, how to deal with it syngonium the right thing is to put it in a cool place between 16-24 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, for watering, do it only two to three times a week.

So, make sure that the given water can flow well.

For the accumulation of water, use a pot with good drainage holes so that the plant can grow syngonium can grow healthy and fertile.

3. Use of Planting Media

ornamental plants in pots

source: seedbunga.com

Syngonium including a plant that is not too fussy about its growth media.

However, imitating the tropical environment where they come from can certainly be the best option to try.

You can put coconut fiber at the bottom of the pot.

Then add the orchid skin and the earthworm castings.

The mixture can do it syngonium thrive as they do in their natural habitat.

4. Keep away from direct sunlight

Syngonium it is a vine that does not like direct sun.

Even so, you do not need to worry when you intend to dry this plant.

You can do the drying around 3 pm.

The sunlight at that time can make leaves syngonium grow with more varied patterns and colors.

As a result, the plants have a higher selling price.

5. Change Pot when Syngongium grown up

how to treat the syngonium change the pot periodically

source: tokopedia.com

When it is mature, the root structure of the plant syngonium it will expand, spread and grow in mass.

This is the way to care syngonium the right thing to do is to replace the pot that has been used with a new one.

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At least, replace the pot once a year so that the plant can grow better.

6. Use gloves when multiplying Syngonium

If you want to reproduce syngoniumdon’t forget to wear gloves.

The reason is that this ornamental plant can be propagated by divisions, cuttings, and layering air

When making divisions or cuttings, you must use gloves.

These gloves will protect you from soap that can irritate sensitive skin.

For the cultivation process, simply cut the tip of the plant to a long reason.

So, you can plant in water first or plant directly in the ground.

When you plant the cuttings in water, you can see how the roots grow.

Growth syngonium It usually starts to change after a few weeks.

Meanwhile, try to maximize heat and humidity for the best results when planting cuttings syngonium on the ground


I hope the discussion on how to deal with it syngonium above may be useful for Owners!

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