6 Unique Modern Minimalist House Portraits by Instagrammer @Rena_Iput

6 Unique Modern Minimalist House Portraits by Instagrammer @Rena_Iput

industrial house interior

It looks attractive with a different concept, look at the unique modern minimalist house styled by Instagrammer @Rena_Iput in full.

Earlier, we discussed the story behind Instagrammer @Rena_Iput’s house that was the result of residential renovations during the pandemic.

This time, we will see what the results of the residential renovation look like to become a unique modern minimalist house.

So unique, this house managed to steal attention Warganet to earn as much as 34,700 followers on Instagram.

The reason is that this house is able to combine very different elements on the outside and inside.

Rather than being curious, let’s just look at this unique picture of the house in Pondok Gede!

Portrait of a unique modern minimalist industrial house by Instagrammer @Rena_Iput, Cool Inside and Out!

Check out various photos of @Rena_Iput’s unique home from her personal Instagram page below:

1. Facade of the house

Front facade industrial house

The first interesting part for you to see is the concept of the front facade of the house from the results of the renovation process.

The front facade of this house carries a minimalist industrial concept, with the use of concrete and exposed wood panels on the wall.

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Facade front view

The choice of colors, combined with a minimalist balcony or carport on the lower side.

To beautify the appearance of the front of the house, there are vine accents to add a refreshing impression.

2. Terrace with Full Window Concept

Terrace house with a unique concept

In the scope of the facade, there is a minimalist terrace with a complete window concept.

While many houses are made of clear glass, this one is a little different from the house of Instagrammer @Rena_Iput, who chose dark accents from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The combination of the two unified looks, with large aluminum frame accents that are the main concern in the remodeling of the house.

“The reason for using dark glass is so that it is not clearly visible, then to anticipate the broken glass so that it can be retained so that it is in the form of cracks first,” continued Rena when interviewed by the Rumah123 Team.

3. Living Room with Monochrome Accent

Minimalist dream house, unique industrial living room

The dark accents are not only from the outside, but also continue inside the house.

The dark element is seen with the gray concept, especially on the side of the living room that is dominated by exposed concrete and the roof is not covered with a roof.

Unique monochrome design

In this living room, the use of black leather furniture with monochrome accents still looks comfortable and spacious.

4. Central room design Open Space Highly Exposed

Open room

Adjacent to the living room, there is a living room in the form of exposed black and gray.

In this living room there is a dining room for the family that seems without a continuous partition between one part and the other.

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Open space with infinite concept

Although dominated by black and gray accents, this section is designed to be very comfortable and functional.

“It just so happens that my house is shaped like a open space so that when you enter the house, you can immediately see the kitchen, the dining room and the kitchen room so that it is spacious, useful and brighter considering that there is no ceiling on the lower floor. Rena added.

5. Home cooking

Industrial themed minimalist home kitchen

The uniqueness of the black accent is not only in the dining room, but also in the side of the kitchen in the house with industrial elements.

The dark accents in this kitchen are designed with a variety of high-quality materials, ranging from iron and aluminum that have high durability.

Simple minimalist kitchen measurement standards

The kitchen side of this house is also equipped with several open and closed compartments, with functional aspects that are well organized in the shape of a spacious letter L.

6. Use of Roof Skylights

The best house skylight roof

Not only designed in the form of open space from the bottom side, the width of the space at the side of the house is also supported by atap skylight Polycarbonate Twinlite.

Use atap skylight made of polycarbonate adds a bright impression, especially in the open space so there is no need to turn on the lights.

Unique Modern Minimalist Home Staircase Skylights

Even using the roof skylight polycarbonate, but the circulation of the house remains in good condition and does not heat easily.

“Using the roof skylight it doesn’t make the house warm, but the sun still comes in, but it doesn’t make the occupants of the house warm.” said Rena.

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It is an interesting picture of a unique modern minimalist house with an industrial concept in the style of Instagrammer @Rena_Iput that can be an inspiration for the Owners!

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