6 Types of Suitcase Accessories You Should Have

6 Types of Suitcase Accessories You Should Have

In addition to fitting a lot, it wears buyer when traveling far is more profitable. In addition, there are many types of interesting luggage accessories that you can use to decorate this push bag.

In addition to this, you can also minimize the occurrence of unwanted things by using these accessories, such as losing your suitcase or exchanging it with someone else.

Various Banners

Also, of course, we find the model and color of the suitcase that is exactly the same as ours.

So, what luggage accessories do we need when? travel?

So, here are some luggage accessories that you can use when you go on vacation next.

1. Label Buyer

So that the suitcases don’t get mixed up when you pick up your luggage, you can put an ID tag on the outside of the suitcase. There is some identifying information that you can fill in, starting from name, phone number, to address.

So, you don’t need to worry too much if your suitcase is left somewhere.

types of luggage accessories
Ataru Aluminum Suitcase Label – Blue

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2. Suitcase glasses

If you are worried that your suitcase will be disassembled without care, you can lock it with this lock. A lock that has 3 combination numbers can prevent other people from opening the suitcase.

In addition, you can use this small item not only in suitcases, but also in bags and travel bags.

luggage accessories
Passport Set Ludlock Tsa Suitcase Number Combination

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suitcase lock
Krisbow Suitcase 3 Combination Number Zinc Alloy Lock

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3. Suitcase cover

To keep your suitcase from getting scratched and dusty, you can cover it with a suitcase cover. This cover can also make it easier for you to distinguish it from other people’s luggage, especially when you are at the airport.

Don’t worry, this sarong is available in many interesting patterns and colors, as follows.

suitcase cover
Passport Plastic Suitcase 22-24 Inch – Transparent

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suitcase cover
Colosseum New Passport 18-22 Inch Suitcase Cover

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4. Mourning belt

Not much different from the previous product, this lock has a rope belt that can tie all the parts of the suitcase. So, you don’t have to worry about the suitcase opening or breaking when it’s bumped on a flight.

Plus, padlocks belt It also has a security lock with a 3-digit combination.

travel equipment
Krisbow Suitcase Lock 3 Tsa Number Combination

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lock for suitcase straps
Passport Gembok Strap Copper Tsa356

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5. Digital suitcase scales

You should take this digital luggage scale when you are on vacation, especially if you plan to buy a lot of items and souvenirs. This modern scale can measure up to 50 kg of luggage.

suitcase scales
Digital Luggage Scale Passport – Silver

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digital luggage scale
Passport 50 Kg Digital Luggage Scale El910h-90

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6. So Pelapis Handle Buyer

If an open suitcase is made of canvas, then you must have had difficulty when lifting a suitcase full of luggage.

So, because it doesn’t feel slippery and your hands don’t hurt, you can hit the parts handle suitcase with foam lining this. This thing is also suitable for you to use in all kinds of luggage sizes.

suitcase lining foam
Ataru Suitcase Handle Foam Coating 13.5×20 Cm – Chocolate

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luggage accessories
Ataru Suitcase Handle Foam Coating 13.5×20 Cm – Blue

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Here are some types of luggage accessories that you can use to make the trip more comfortable. You can find it on shopping sites online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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