6 Types of Play Doh for Children’s Motor and Creativity

6 Types of Play Doh for Children’s Motor and Creativity

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Every parent wants to provide educational and fun toys for their children. Well, Play-Doh can be a choice of toys that can train your child’s motor skills and creativity.

Play-Doh is a toy for children made of plasticine or wax. This game can be formatted as you want. With play Play-Dohyour child can pull, squeeze, and shape as you wish.

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Play-Doh toys are very diverse. Thus, we can adjust this type of toys to the age of your child.

So, what are the types of Play-Doh?

If you are interested in buying Play-Doh for your child, here are the types of Play-Doh you can choose from.

1. Classic Play Doh Type

You can give classic Play-Doh if your child has never played with Play-Doh before. Classic Play-Doh comes in many colors so your child can learn and shape Play-Doh based on their creativity, like the following.

classic play-doh
Play-doh Set 4 pieces Mainan Anak Classic Color

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play doh bucket
Toy Playdoh-5 Variety Bucket F1810

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2. Type of Play Doh Playsets

Play-Doh type playsets more complete than classic Play-Doh. You see, you can find molds, scissors and plastic knives to help children shape Play-Doh according to their imagination.

Give Play-Doh playsets if the child is used to playing Play-Doh, like the following tips.

play doh playsets
Playdoh Mini Crazy Cuts E4918

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play doh truck set
Playdoh-ice Cream Mainan Truck Playset F1390

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3. Type of Play Doh Slime

Unlike the two previous variants of Play-Doh, Play-Doh slime It has a softer and chewier texture. Not like motor toyPlay-Doh slime It is also useful for reducing stress.

Moreover, you can also overcome the addiction smartphones to the child giving Play-Doh slime, as follows.

play slime
Playdoh Mainan Slime Stretch & Foam Ast F1813

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kind of play-doh slime
Play-doh Krackle Slime

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4. Play-Doh Sand

Play-Doh sand it has a grain-like structure sand wet malleable. Therefore, this toy can train your child’s sense of touch.

Like any other kind of Play-Doh, Play-Doh sand It also has many attractive colors, as follows.

play-doh sand
Play Doh Sand Variety Pack Sand Wax Toy F0103

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play in the sand
Play-doh Sand Single Can E9073

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5. Play-Doh Kitchen

If your child likes to play in the kitchen, you can give him Play-Doh kitchen.

This type of Play-Doh is equipped with mini molds and kitchen utensils so that children can make their favorite food menu. We also have recommendations for Play-Doh variants kitchen below that.

type of play doh kitchen
Playdoh Kitchen Kits Asst E7253

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play-doh kitchen
Playdoh fries F1320

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6. Play-Doh Truckset

This Play-Doh is quite unique because it features a kid-sized ice cream truck. Thus, your child has more space to play roles with friends and can improve his social skills.

In Play-Doh truckYou can also find ice cream scoops, molds sandwichpopsicle sticks, etc.

play doh truckset
Playdoh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Set F1039

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So, these are the different types of Play Doh that you can give to your little one. To get all types of Play Doh above, you can directly visit Toys Kingdom via variety.

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Go ahead, give the best Play-Doh toy to the child at home.