6 Types of Loyal Pets That Many Love

6 Types of Loyal Pets That Many Love

loyal animal

To have pet at home is fun. Not only caring, they can also be the best friends and family. Also, there are pets that have quite adorable fur.

In fact, we can build emotional closeness with pets at home. There are many types of loyal animals that are happy to help us as humans.

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So, what are the types of loyal pets?

Well, here is a list of types of animals that are known to be very loyal to their owners.

1. Dogs are the most loyal animals

animal dog
Source: unsplash.com

Of course, you are already familiar with this animal. Even if they have been separated for a long time, dogs are still faithfully waiting for their owners to play with them. In fact, they can recognize the owner.

Besides, if we take care of them, they can also come with usfeel our emotions. When the owner is sad, this animal will certainly come to him.

Well, we have recommendations for the best foods and shampoos to treat it dog your favorite at home.

loyal dog shampoo
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2. Cat dKnown as faithful animals

loyal cat

Many people think that cats are selfish animals. In fact, this animal is quite loyal to its owner, you know. In fact, cats are possessive animals and become jealous easily if their owners are near other animals.

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Cats are generally more adventurous and do not hesitate to show their closeness to their owner.

Therefore, we have to take good care of him, to invite him to play cat care.

faithful animal cat toy
Pet Kingdom Cat Toy Tree 156
Games for cats to climb and jump to avoid stress.

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Loyal cat shampoo
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3. Rabbit

rabbit animal
Source: unsplash.com

This cute and adorable pet is included in the list of the most loyal pets. You see, rabbits have the intelligence to recognize voices, body language, and small commands from their owners.

Also, rabbits are adaptable animals so they are easier to tame and adapt to their environment. Well, here are the food tips and rabbit cage comfortable

faithful pet rabbit food
Vitakraft 1 kg Rabbit food Alpine meadow hay
Food for rabbits and rodents to maintain healthy teeth and sharpen teeth.

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animal cage loyal rabbit
Ferplast Rabbit Cage Grand Lodge 120 Plus – Abu Abu
Sturdy and comfortable cage for rabbits.

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4. Hamster

hamster animal
Source: unsplash.com

Besides being cute and funny, this rodent is actually pretty smart, you know. The proof can easily be remembered by the owner’s hand. In any case, we need the guest regularly to play so that he can be more familiar.

Interestingly, hamsters can even recognize the names given to them. Therefore, we need to call often. If you have a hamster, here are recommendations for hamster toys and sand that you can buy.

loyal pet hamster race
Pawise rodent wheel 14 cm
A safe place for hamsters to run and can be placed in a cage.

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loyal sand hamster animal
Petopia 500 gr Pasir Hamster Lemon
Fine hamster sand to absorb excess moisture and grease on the hamster skin.

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5. The child

duck animal
Source: unsplash.com

Although it is classified as livestock, we can also raise ducks, you know. This animal is loyal to the man who takes good care of him. Also, ducks are social animals and like to live in colonies.

There are several types that we can keep at home, including the Bali duck, the Mojosari duck and the Alabio duck.

6. Cockatoo

faithful pet parrot
Source: unsplash.com

Apart from being famous for its intelligence following human words, the parrot is apparently one of the most loyal animals, you know.

In fact, these birds do not hesitate to protect their owners when they are threatened. In addition to humans, parrots are also known to be loyal to their partners and friends.

loyal pet parrot cage
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faithful pet parrot
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So, of all the animals above, which one do you want to keep? Whatever it is, take good care of your pet, it’s okay!

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