6 Types of LEGO toys for adults

6 Types of LEGO toys for adults

LEGO is a disassembly toy made of quality plastic and is composed of different shapes and colors. This toy is one of the favorites of many people, from children to adults.

LEGO toys are very useful for children because they can help hand-eye coordination, fine motor, cognitive, and can increase sensitivity to shapes and colors.

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No wonder LEGO is also one of them educational games better for children. Although it is known as a children’s toy, LEGO can also be a collection for adults.

In addition, LEGO presents various movie characters that can be collected and can also be played by adults.

Different from the children’s LEGO series, adult LEGOs generally have a higher level of difficulty and a smaller block size.

What are the types of LEGO toys for adults?

Well, we have some recommendations LEGO toys for adults as follows.

1. LEGO Creator for Adults

The first type of lego game for adults is the LEGO Creator. This toy features a rather unique concept, namely in the form of ornamental plants.

It’s no wonder LEGO Creator can pull it off. In fact, you can make a nice home show. Here are tips for unique LEGO Creator toys for you.

Lego types for adults LEGO® Creator Succulents 10309
LEGO® Creator succulent 10309

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2. LEGO Star Wars

Fans of the Star Wars series certainly should not miss the opportunity to complete the LEGO collection. This is a game consists of 1000 pieces of blocks in the form of buildings and characters in the Star WARs series. Here are the Lego Star Wars tips that you can buy.

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adult lego types LEGO® Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Drma 75330
LEGO® Star Wars Dagobah Training Jedi Drma 75330

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3. LEGO Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the legendary movies about wizards. It’s no wonder so many fans love Harry Potter themed toys, including LEGO.

In general, LEGO toys feature various characters from the Harry Potter movies in the form of cute blocks, from Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, to Professor McGonagall. Here are the LEGO Harry Potter tips you can buy.

LEGO® Harry Potter Hgwrts Moment Herb Class
LEGO® Harry Potter Hgwrts Moment Herb Class

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4. Read Superheroes

Character fan superheroes Marvel and DC can’t miss this LEGO collection. LEGO Superhero has a wide selection of characters, from Avengers, Eternals, Spiderman, to Batman.

Here are some tips for Lego Superheroes that you can make collectible toys.

LEGO® Super Hero The Goat Boat 76208
LEGO® Super Hero The Goat Boat 76208

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5. LEGO Architecture for Adults

Adults are usually challenged to do something complicated. This is what makes LEGO Architecture suitable for adult play.

This type of LEGO has many blocks of different shapes. So, you have to be careful when putting it together, like this LEGO toy.

Lego adult type LEGO® Architecture The White House 21054
LEGO® Architecture The White House 21054

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6. LEGO Technic

Car enthusiasts should have the LEGO Technic type of toy. This game brings a concept that shows different collections of automobiles, in the form of excavators, trucks, racing cars, and many other vehicles.

This toy also has an automatic motion control feature that you can access via smartphones. Very sophisticated, right?

LEGO® Technic App Ctr Trnsfrm Vhcl 42140
LEGO® Technic App Ctr Trnsfrm Vhcl 42140

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Here are some type of toy LEGOs that you can make as collectible toys or gifts for relatives.

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