6 Types of diffusers and how to choose the right one

6 Types of diffusers and how to choose the right one

Types and how to choose a diffuser

Diffuser It has become one of the must-have tools in every home, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not surprising that this type diffuser more and more different. Therefore, we need to choose the right one for use in each room of the house.

In addition to making the corner of this house so fragrant, diffuser it can also clean the air circulation. However, the way this tool works is different from air humidifier and air purifier.

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Air purifier can make the air purifier because it has a filter that can filter impurities. While that air humidifier it works to humidify the air.

Well, yes air diffuser It works by releasing steam which is a mixture of water and essential oils to clean the air. Usually, diffuser it can release an aroma that makes the body more relaxed.

So what are the types? Diffuser?

Well, this time, we have summarized several tips and advice diffuser which you can adjust to your needs, as follows.

1. Diffuser candles (Candle diffuser)

Diffuser Candles are a traditional type that you can have at a relatively cheap price. In general, this tool uses an intermediate heating process to produce the aroma of the essential oil contained in the candle stick.

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This tool is often called an aromatherapy candle that is widely used in spas. You see, the aroma of this candle can make the body more relaxed.

2. Diffuser ceramic (Ceramic diffuser)

Ceramic diffuser it is the right choice for those of you who want to add to the aesthetic value of the room. Faith in his name, diffuser These are usually made of ceramic or porous clay with artistically formed designs.

Diffuser It uses ultrasonic sound waves to vaporize essential oils and spread them through the air throughout the room. However, the type diffuser This is only suitable for use in small rooms such as bedrooms.

For large rooms, be sure to place them in a strategic place so that the essential oils can work effectively.

How to use it is also very easy, just pour 1-2 drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil into the ceramic body and diffuser. Then, you can smell the distinctive aroma evaporating into the air.

Ceramic diffuser type
Aromatherapy diffuser in ceramic triangle 9x9x16 Cm – white

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3. Cane diffuser

Cane diffuser or usually known as diffuser bamboo is diffuser which works by absorbing aromatherapy oil into a rattan stick stored in a bottle, then evaporating the aroma into the air.

This type is often the preferred choice of millions of people because it has a practical form without the need to use heat, water or electricity. In addition to that, reed diffuser it has a shape that can enhance the aesthetic aspect of your room.

In addition to that, reed diffuser they were usually packed together with bottles containing oil and rattan. Therefore, you do not need to search for aromatherapy fragrances separately.

diffuser model
Cocodor April Fresh Reed Diffuser 200 Ml

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Jenis barrel diffuser
Cocodor 200 Ml April Fresh Reed Diffuser

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4. Electric Diffuser

Type diffuser This uses electrical energy to produce aromatherapy. This tool works by using an electric fan inside diffuser so that will spread the aromatherapy oil vapor throughout the room.

electric diffuser
Ultraman Swirling Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser 120 Ml

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5. Nebulizer diffuser

Nebulizer diffuser It works through a nebulized process to break down the essential oils into very small particle molecules. Thus, the rate of evaporation can quickly spread throughout the room.

This device is also suitable for those of you who have breathing problems. In addition to that, diffuser It has a wide range so it can be used for large rooms.

How to choose a nebulizer diffuser
Ataru 60 Ml Aromatherapy Diffuser – White-brown

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6. Ultrasonic diffuser

Type diffuser it uses the frequency of electric waves to create vibrations in the water which then turns into fine steam, and humidifies the dry air of the room.

This tool has a more modern system in controlling the amount of essential oil levels so that they do not overflow in vain. Not only, ultrasonic diffuser It also has a cheaper price than other types of electric and nebulizer.

Jenis diffuse ultrasmit
Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser Dot – white

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How to choose a type Diffuser right?

After getting to know the guys diffuserhere’s how to choose the right one to put in the corner of the house.

1. Choose a product with an even distribution of aroma

Be sure to choose products with steam turbulence with a steam level setting function. With this function, you can adjust the capacity of the amount of steam to the area of ​​the room so that you don’t get dizzy.

Also, be sure to put air diffuser have good air ventilation so that this tool works better.

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2. It has the advantage of multifunction

A number of diffuser It has been equipped with a night light and timer function. The light function helps to give you a relaxing accent feeling while enjoying the scent essential your favorite

While the characteristics timer very suitable for those of you who are busy but want the air conditioning at home to be maintained.

3. Have an Attractive Design

You can also choose diffuser with a minimalist design to beautify the interior of your home, from diffuser with unique shapes, colorful lights, and so on. Just adjust it to the theme of your residence.

4. Easy-maintenance products

Make sure to always clean the water and the machine diffuser periodically, especially if used with water infusion. The reason is, it can grow mold that can interfere with the quality of the aroma produced.

You can also choose the type reed diffuser practice without the need for special care.

bamboo diffuser
Ultransmit Bamboo ultrasonic diffuser Kw021
Diffuser with a capacity of 80 ml from bamboo and equipped with LED lights.

These are the types and tips on how to choose diffuser which you can consider before buying. You can find the best quality diffuser only at atruparupa.com.

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how to choose a diffuser
Ultransmit Ultrasonic Diffuser Aromatherapy Wood Fiber

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diffuser recommendation
Kels Shelby diffuser and deodorant

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aromatherapy oil
Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser – white

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aromatherapy fragrance
Serene House 90 Ml Ultrasonic Diffuser Forest

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