6 Tips to take care of the right mini hedgehog

6 Tips to take care of the right mini hedgehog

How to take care of the mini hedgehog right
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Mini hedgehogs can usually eat almost any kind of food and are easier to care for. In any case, the care of the mini hedgehog also has to be patient so that this shy animal remains healthy and not. stress.

This small animal back is suitable for those of you who are busy with activities throughout the day. The reason, mini hedgehogs are animals that are active at night. So, you can even invite them to play and you don’t have to worry about being alone.

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So, how to take care of the mini hedgehog right?

There is no need to be confused if it is the first time that you keep this animal. See, we have compiled a guide for the care of a mini hedgehog that you can do.

1. Choose the right Cage

Therefore, the mini hedgehog can move more freely, choose a cage that is large enough. Usually, a cage for a mini hedgehog is similar to a hamster cage, which is about 30 cm.

Make sure the cage has enough space to put a place to eat, drink and race wheel. As it is race wheel sometimes it will make the hedgehog less stressed and prevent obesity.

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2. Prepare Wood Powder in the Cage

The wood dust not only works to reduce the smell in the cage, but also as a sleeping pad for the mini hedgehogs. Usually, hedgehogs like to hide under locks while sleeping.

However, be sure to replace the lock if it starts to get wet and damp. This is to prevent the growth of fungus on the body of the mini hedgehog and the sometimes pungent smell.

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3. Give the right dry food

Mini hedgehogs can eat almost any kind of food, from fruits to mushrooms to small animals like crickets and caterpillars.

Also, you can provide dry food for cats as an alternative. Choose dry cat food that is high in protein and low in fat. Thus, hedgehogs are not easily obese and receive a balanced nutritional intake.

mini food for hedgehogs
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Tips for keeping a mini hedgehog
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4. Interact with Mini Hedgehogs Regularly

Mini hedgehogs take a long time to adapt to their surroundings. Usually, these animals roll their bodies when they are raised to protect themselves.

Even so, interacting with the mini hedgehog is not that difficult. Before raising your hand, you need to let him sniff your palm first.

Because, mini hedgehogs have poor eyesight, but they have a strong sense of smell. This will make it easier for them to interact with the smell of their owner.

how to interact with the mini hedgehog
Source: unsplash.com

5. Bathe Mini Hedgehogs Regularly

This little animal is easy to smell. This is because these animals often sleep and excrete urine in the same place. This is what makes it often pressed and attached to the skin.

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To keep your hedgehog clean and healthy, you can bathe it regularly once a week. Use the normal temperature and brush the back of the hedgehog with a toothbrush and baby soap. Make sure you brush slowly and in one direction so the bristles don’t get tangled.

6. Give Animals Vitamins

Who says vitamins are only for large animals? In fact, small animals also need vitamins. You can give special vitamins for mini hedgehogs that are usually only mixed in drinks and food.

Well, these are some tips for caring for a mini hedgehog that you should know as a beginner.

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