6 tips to keep the house clean

6 tips to keep the house clean

Pay attention and keep the house clean, it can increase the comfort level of a house. A place to stay that is kept clean, of course, will be more comfortable to live with your family.

In addition to providing comfort during activities at home, paying attention to home hygiene will also prevent you and your family from health problems. Dirty home conditions can be a place for viruses, germs, or bacteria that cause various diseases.

House cleaning activities should be carried out regularly by all family members so that the house remains healthy, clean and comfortable. The places in the house that should be kept clean are bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

Here are 6 easy tips to keep your home clean:

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6 easy tips to keep your house clean

1. Clean the bed in the morning

Keeping the house clean can be done from the closest and most frequently occupied place, namely the bed. Immediately clean the bed after waking up every morning and always do it. It is also required to regularly change sheets, pillows and pillows.

Also, don’t forget to open the bedroom window in the morning to let the sunlight and fresh air into the room. In this way, your bedroom is not damp or moldy.

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2. Sweep and mop the floor daily

The second tip is to sweep and mop the floor every day. It seems simple, but sweeping and mopping is important to free the house from dust and germs that stay in the corners of the house.

So that the floor of the house is cleaner from germs, bacteria and viruses, you can add a disinfectant to the clean floor. Diligent sweeping and mopping will make the house cleaner and smelling good.

3. Clean the kitchen after cooking

The kitchen is a place that is prone to getting dirty, so it must be kept clean. Always try to clean the kitchen immediately after you finish cooking. Do not leave the kitchen dirty with spilled oil or other food residues after cooking.

Not only that, make it a habit to wash the dishes and cutlery as soon as you and your family finish using them. Letting dirty dishes pile up in the dishwasher can invite disease-causing germs to an unpleasant smell.

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4. Wash clothes after wearing

Change the habit of piling dirty clothes. Instead of hiding the dirty clothes during the weekend, it is better to wash them every day. In addition to lightening your load, various dirt on the clothes is easier to clean when you wash it directly than leaving it for days.

5. Clean the bathroom regularly

In addition to the bedroom and the kitchen, another place that should receive more attention to be clean is the bathroom. Of course, you and your family use the bathroom every day to urinate or shower, so cleanliness must always be maintained.

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Especially if there are guests coming to use it. Make sure to clean the bathroom regularly so it doesn’t become a hotbed of disease. Start by scrubbing the floor and the toilet with a cleaning solution, which contains a disinfectant. Then they end up draining the tub

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6. Throw the trash in its place

Garbage is often considered trivial, but this is what can make a house dirty. Always get used to it and invite your family to throw the trash in their place. Garbage can be a source of disease if it is allowed to accumulate at home. To keep your home clean and tidy, you should separate wet waste from dry waste.

Here are some easy tips to keep the house clean. The cleanliness of the house must be maintained so that it can be a comfortable and healthy place to rest and do activities.

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