6 Tips to choose an Office Desk to be more productive

6 Tips to choose an Office Desk to be more productive

choose an office desk

The office desk is one of the facilities that works to help work activities. Therefore, choosing a good office desk is important. To create a comfortable and productive atmosphere when finishing work.

However, the choice of an office desk is not only limited to considering a minimalist design and affordable prices.

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There are several other important factors that you should consider before purchasing furniture to fill your workspace.

So, how to choose an office desk?

Here are some things to consider when buying an office desk.

1. Adjust to the size of the workspace

office size
Gemini Concrete Office Desk – Gray

Only IDR 1 million

Before choosing the model and design of the desk, it is good to first know the area of ​​the office. Make sure to measure well and precisely so that every corner of the room can be filled well.

After that, you can choose an office desk that fits the dimensions of your room. You can also choose a table model that matches the theme of the room, both open spaces and closed office aka with bulkhead.

If the room has a concept open space, then you can use a table without partition, like the following.

office desk
Sieben Ii Office Desk Extension Ws 4s – Brown

Only IDR 12 million

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office furniture
Seven Ii Meja Kantor Ws 4s – Hitam

Only IDR 12 million

2. Adjust to the Type of Work Performed

choose a desk
Sieben Ii Adjustable Office Desk 1807 – Chocolate

Only IDR 9 million

The choice of office desk should also be adapted to the type of work done. If you use it for meetingthen choose a table that is wide and does not have much workstation.

Meanwhile, for office workers who work with computers, you can choose a desk that is equipped with special drawers and partitions to place a PC.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the office

office desk quality
Mori Desk 120x70x75 Cm – Brown

Only IDR 2 million

The office desk is a real estate investment that will be used for a long time. So, of course, you have to buy a table with good quality so that its durability is guaranteed.

Choose an office desk that is equipped with iron legs so that it is more sturdy and does not break easily. Also, make sure the office desk is also equipped with drawers and shelves.

4. Pay attention to the Office Desk Materials

office desk materials
Neira Office Desk – Chocolate

Only IDR 1 million

In general, the quality of an office desk depends on the material used. There are many types of tables that you can choose from, such as those made of wood, iron and glass. Of course, each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, an iron office desk has a different shape futuristic and it looks modern. In addition, this table model is also easier for you to move from one room to another, and it is more durable.

5. Adjust to the Budget

office budget
Hexa Desk – Chocolate

Only 900 thousand IDR

In addition to considering the quality side, you always have to adjust to the budget you have. You can do a survey first when choosing a table that fits the needs of the office and employees.

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In this way, you don’t have to worry if the company’s budget will be used in vain or too much waste.

6. Buy from a trusted place

buy an office desk
Takemori Office Desk – Light Brown

Only IDR 1 million

Make sure you only buy office desks from trusted and quality guaranteed places. In addition, choose the furniture that is provided with an official guarantee, because you can ask for the repair or exchange of the product if it is damaged.

So, here are some ways to choose the right office desk to support your productivity while working. You can buy many models of the best quality work desks only through Ruparupa.

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