6 Tips for taking care of an empty house so that it does not damage quickly

6 Tips for taking care of an empty house so that it does not damage quickly

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Do you have more than one property and some of them are often empty without occupants? If so, learn the following tips for taking care of an empty house so that the condition of the building is not easily damaged, go!

Empty cases tend to be more prone to damage.

This is because the air circulation in the house does not work well, so the air conditioner is humid.

This moisture can accelerate damage to the building structure as a whole.

Also, residential areas are prone to becoming nests of pests and weeds.

As a result, the investment value of the building will decrease when you try to sell it.

So, make sure you know the following tips for taking care of an empty house, yes!

6 Tips for taking care of an empty house so that it does not damage quickly

1. Open Doors and Windows Periodically

tips for taking care of an empty house

First, make sure you regularly open the doors and windows of your home for 6 hours.

It doesn’t have to be every day, you can do it every 1-2 weeks.

The goal is that the air change in the house can continue.

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In this way, the risk of weathering the construction due to high humidity will be reduced.

This step is particularly important for buildings with a predominance of wood material.

This is because the wood is very susceptible to deformation when exposed to humid air.

2. Cover Furniture with fabric

When home conditions fully furnishedmake sure to cover the entire piece of furniture with a large cloth.

This is to avoid the accumulation of dust on the furniture you have.

The reason is, more dust that accumulates, more difficult to clean.

In addition, the accumulation of dust has the potential to damage the overall structure of the furniture.

If these tips for taking care of an empty house feel complicated, then you should just empty the furniture immediately before leaving.

3. Make Small Renovations

how to take care of an empty house

The next step, make sure to regularly check the condition of the house.

Then, perform minor renovations whenever there is damage to the building.

Whether it’s a leaking roof, peeling paint, broken glass, or a sagging tile.

Small damages can turn into big problems if you let them accumulate for a long time.

Therefore, it is better to return the repair every 1-2 months rather than regret it.

4. Clean Periodically

The next tip for taking care of an empty house is to do regular cleaning.

Either sweep the dust that has accumulated, take out the trash, or prune the weeds.

You can do this cleaning in tandem with small renovations.

If your new residence is located quite far from the house that is being left empty, consider using a cleaning service.

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Don’t leave the house completely empty without someone taking care of it for years.

Remember, by maintaining the condition of your home, you can also maintain its resale value in the future.

5. Turn on the Lights at Home

tips for taking care of an empty house

Next, make sure the lights stay on even if no one is home.

It doesn’t have to be in the whole room, just select the crucial areas like the garage, the kitchen and more.

This is important to give the impression that there are people in the house.

In this way, strangers with malicious intentions will not target your residence.

Worried about the risk of an electrical short circuit if the light stays on?

If so, leave the house with the local RT officer or security forces.

Ask them to routinely turn on and off the mains electricity in the house so that the lights can be turned on every night.

However, make sure you set aside some money to repay their services, OK?

6. Clean the Front and Back of the House

Not only the condition of the building, pay attention to the garden area in front and behind the house.

Do you have to be sure if there are many wild plants growing on it?

If so, you have to spend time cleaning so that the house doesn’t look dirty.

Also check whether the drainage system at home is covered with weeds and moss or not.

This is because blocking the drains risks causing stagnant water during the rainy season.

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Here are some tips for taking care of an empty house that you can apply.

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