6 Things to do during a storm

6 Things to do during a storm

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The transition season means that we can no longer predict changes in the weather. Seasons like this tend to cause various sources of illness, from flu, fever, cough, cold and more.

Not only the disease, usually entering the rainy season can be accompanied by storms and lightning. Of course, temples are quite worrying, considering that many trees and houses can be damaged by lightning.

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So what do you do during a storm?

Well, if suddenly there is a storm when you are at home, do the following things immediately.

1. Turn off all power sources during a storm

The first thing you should do during a storm is to turn off all power sources in the house. If necessary, you can turn off the electricity meter so that it does not cause a short circuit lightning at home, especially in electronic equipment.

You can cut the electric current withUse thick gloves to avoid electrocution, as per the following product recommendations.

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Krisbow Nylon Latex Mechanical Dry Gloves

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2. Do not turn on electronic devices

In addition to turning off the power source, also avoid turning on electronic devices. In fact, we should also reduce the use cell phone. Especially if cell phone is in charge, it will be dangerous.

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3. Check the parts of the house that are prone to leaks

Storms are usually accompanied by strong winds. This can cause a change in the roof of the house. Therefore, we need to check the roof of the house which is often prone to leaks.

To anticipate this, you can use a leak-proof coating paint at home. However, if it is already leaking, use a bucket to collect the water. The following are recommendations of products that you can buy.

Rainstorm Drylok Coating Leak Proof Latex Waterproofing Paint
Drylok Cat Pelapis Anti Coror Latex Waterproofer

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14 liter plastic bucket - green
14 liter plastic bucket – green

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The force of a storm can damage the doors and windows of the house. Therefore, during a storm, we need to close all doors and windows.

Also pay attention to the part of the window that has a large glass. Glue old paper or newspapers around the corner of the hollow glass. it resists vibrations so it doesn’t break easily..

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5. Install the flash emergency and power bank

Thunderstorms are often accompanied by local power outages. For that, we have to prepare a little essential equipment when the lights go outlike a lamp emergency, power bank etc.

Here are tips for emergency equipment when the lights go out that you can use.

What is the 6w LED emergency light - white
What is the 6w Led Emergency Light – White

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6. Prepare a disaster preparedness bag

In some areas, storms often cause high levels of water. To anticipate this disaster, we need to prepare a disaster preparedness bag to store valuable items.

You can put the bag in an easily accessible place. The following is a recommended bag that you can use as an emergency bag.

Ataru 70x27x24 Cm Tas Travel - Chocolate
Ataru 70x27x24 Cm Tas Travel – Cokelat

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Well, here are some things to do when the storm hits. You can buy different ones the gear for the rainy seasonsuch as lamps, lights, personal safety equipment only atruparupa.com.

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