6 Sheet Size Terms You Should Know

6 Sheet Size Terms You Should Know

sheet size terms

The size and terms of the sheets are important to know. Also, each bed has a different size, from small to large.

So, in order not to get confused, we will share different bed sizes and bed sheet terms that people commonly use.

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Bed Size and Condition of Sheets Used

Go ahead, take a look at the 6 bed sheet size terms you need to know below.

1. Size Sheet Single (90 x 200 cm)

sheet size 100 x 200
Linotela 100x200x35 Cm Cotton Sheets – Purple

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Usually, the size is 90 x 200 cm or one size fits all This is used for rooms with limited space. called one size fits all for what mattress size Size fits 1 person only. However, this mattress is still equipped with 1 pillow and 1 pillow.

2. Size Sheet Single Cut off (100 x 200 cm)

The same with the previous size, the size 100 x 200 is also called as one size fits all or not. 4. This size is a little larger than the size single at first. Here is a recommendation sheet single that you can use.

sheet size 100x200 linotel
Linotela 100x200x35cm Taramac cotton sheets – Blue

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sheet size 100x200 brown
Linotela Sheets 100x200x35 Cm – Brown

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3. Size Sheet Double Size (120 x 200 cm)

This size is most often encountered when we are in a hotel with this type of room double bed. This dimension is also called double size or no 3.

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Apart from being called double sizethis size has another nickname, ie super one size fits all. Usually, the size is larger than one size fits all and can also fit two people, namely an adult and a small child.

sheet size 120 x 200
Sleeplite 120×200+30 Cm Polyester sheet set Livia Stripe – Blue

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single sheet size
Sleeplite 120x200x30 Cm Set 3 Pz Seprai Single Baroque

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4. Size Sheet Queen Size (160 x 200 cm)

ukuran sprei queen size
Sleeplite 160x200x30 Cm Seprai Baroque Legion – Blue

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The size 160 x 200 cm is often called that Queen size bed or not.2. In general, this size is quite large and can be used for two adults.

Many people use this bed for master bedroom or master bedroom with limited dimensions.

5. Size Sheet King Size (180 x 200 cm)

ukuran sprei king size
Sleeplite 180x200x30 Cm Set 6 Pz Bed Cover Seprai Emboss Putih

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The size of 180 x 200 cm is also known as size king size. With its large size, this mattress is certainly very suitable for 2 people. Usually, I read king size widely used on master bedroom.

Because this bed is wide enough, your child can sleep together. Take easily, a set of size sheets king size usually equipped with 2 pillowcases and 2 pillowcases.

ukuran sprei extra king size
Fiore 200×200+40 Cm Set Seprai Tencel Solid Patch – Teal

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This 200 x 200 mattress is the biggest among the others. Usually used in the master bedroom. This type of mattress is also commonly used in hotels with room types family room.

The size is quite large, it can also be occupied by more than 3 people, making this bed a nickname. extra king.

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