6 Recommended products for induction cookers

6 Recommended products for induction cookers

difference between induction cooker and electric stove

If only we knew gas stove, different from now. Along with the development of technology, stove models are increasingly diverse, from electric stoves, halogen stoves, to induction stoves.

Speaking of induction stoves, of course, kitchen utensils should not be neglected. We must use a special type of induction cooking product so that the cooking process becomes more optimal and maximum.

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As one of the new technologies in the world of kitchen equipment, induction cookers require more attention and precision.

Unlike gas stoves that use LPG cylinders as a source for cooking, induction stoves use electricity instead. In general, electric ovens use electromagnetic for cooking.

Therefore, we also need to find kitchen utensils that have been equipped with magnets to make cooking easier.

Recommended products for induction cookers

If you are still confused about choosing the right pans and pans for cooking on an induction stove, consider the following tips for kitchen utensils.

1. Chef Topf 28 cm natural induction pan

The first product recommendation that can be considered is Chef Topf 28 Cm Natural Induction Frying Pan. This cookware product can be used for cooking without oil because it already has a non-stick coating on the surface of the pan.

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The products made mark This Cheftopf from Korea has a stable, scratch-resistant and PFOA-free base. You can use it to cook on many types of stoves, including induction plates.

Chef Topf 28 cm natural induction pan

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2. Slice Ricopa Induction Pot – Ivory

The recommended product for the next induction cooker is the Iris Ricopa Induction Pan – Ivory. This product has 6 levels temperature kitchen that you can adjust to your needs.

In addition, this bread product also has a capacity of 3 liters with an operating power in the range of 80-1400 W, as well as a long cable of 1.8 meters.

Not only is it more practical to use while cooking, this tool also has quite capable safety features. This kitchen utensil is also suitable for you to boil food.

induction pot
Iris Ricopa Induction Pot – Ivory

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3. Topf Chef Pan 30 Cm Natural Induction

If you are looking for a pan product for an induction cooker that can be used for frying or cooking without oil, then the Chef Topf 30 Cm Natural Induction Pan is the right choice.

Originally, this product has a non-stick coating, is PFOA-free, a stable base, and is also scratch-resistant. In addition, you can use this cookware on different types of stoves, from gas stoves, electric stoves, to induction stoves.

frying pan
Chef Topf 30 cm natural induction pan

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4. Scanpan 22 Cm Techniq Induction Casserole Pan

The next recommended product for induction cooking is the Scanpan 22 Cm Techniq Induction Saucepan Pan. Product mark This Scanpan from Denmark is a pretty good cookware for induction cookers.

This pan also features a non-stick Stratanium coating. Thus, it will be easier for you to clean.

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induction cooker
Scanpan 22 cm Techniq induction pan

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5. Flonal 20 Cm Gemma Induction Bellies Casserole

This product made of quality aluminum will make cooking activities faster due to the even distribution of heat. In addition, you can also monitor the food from the outside of the transparent cover of the jar.

As the name implies, this Flonal pan can be used on induction cookers and other types of stoves.

pot for induction cooking
Flonal 20 Cm Gemma Induction Casserole Pan – Red

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6. Scanpan 32 Cm Classic Induction Belly Casserole

Next is the Scanpan 32 Cm Classic Induction Pan Casserole. In addition to having a minimalist design, this pan is made of environmentally friendly materials.

In addition to being able to be used for cooking on an induction stove, this pan is also resistant to oven temperatures of 260 degrees Celsius and is safe to wash with dishwasher.

induction cooker pans
Scanpan 32 Cm Classic Induction Belly Casserole

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Having a complete collection of kitchen utensils is a dream for many housewives. Especially for those who really like to be creative making different foods for their beloved family.

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