6 Recommendations for Modern Men’s Batik for the Office

6 Recommendations for Modern Men’s Batik for the Office

Batik is one of Indonesia’s original heritage that we should be proud of and preserve. Since hundreds of years ago, batik has faithfully accompanied the journey of our lives, both in formal and informal events.

It’s no wonder that every October 2nd we celebrate National Batik Day. In that day, we need to use batik as a form of appreciation for the cultural heritage of the world.

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If we discussed before batik clothes for womenThis time we have a recommendation for men’s batik.

Modern Batik Advice for Men

Well, for those of you who are looking for men’s batik for friends, husbands, or girlfriends, we have some recommendations for men’s batik shirt models as follows.

1. Batik Biw Kusa 3D

The first recommendation that men can use to go to the office is a 3D Biw Kusa batik shirt that has a mix of flora and fauna motifs.

This batik shirt has a short sleeve design that is comfortable for activities. Not only that, this cotton batik does not make you hot, especially for those of you who have high mobility. You can buy this luxury batik at a price of Rp 3 million.

Batik recommendation for men Pendopo Size M Batik Shirt Men Biw Kusa motif
Pendopo Batik Shirt Size M for Men with Biw Kusa Pattern

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2. Tumur batik

Tumurun batik shirts are well known among Indonesian batik lovers. Since 1408, this batik motif from Yogyakarta is known by many people.

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This batik shirt is made from a strong cotton fiber and you can buy it at a price of Rp 200 thousand.

Pendopo Short Sleeve Slim Fit Traditional Batik Shirt
Pendopo Short Sleeve Slim Fit Traditional Batik Shirt

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3. Axial batik

Paksi motif batik is an innovation derived from the type of Naga Liman that is typical of the Cirebon Palace. The motif of the axis itself represents a combined animal of a dragon, snake and elephant that symbolizes wisdom.

In addition to representing cultural heritage, this Rp200 thousand batik pattern also symbolizes prosperity.

Pendopo Batik Shirt Paksi Motif Short Sleeve Slim Fit
Pendopo Batik Shirt Paksi Motif Short Sleeve Slim Fit

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4. Men’s Batik with Prestige Pattern

The prestigious patterned batik shirt is one of the models of Parang Batik from Solo. Well, Batik Pamor itself also has a meaning, which is to describe the energy of the aura in man. You can buy this modern men’s batik shirt for Rp 200 thousand.

Pendopo Batik Shirt with Pamor Motif Short Sleeves Slim Fit
Pendopo Batik Shirt with Pamor Motif Short Sleeves Slim Fit

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5. Men’s Lyrical Batik Pattern

If you want to attend an official office event, Liris motif batik could be the best choice for you, you know. This Liris batik motif from Solo depicts a group of raindrops as a symbol of fertility and grace from the Almighty.

You can buy this charming batik shirt for only Rp 200 thousand, you know.

Men's Batik Recommendations Pendopo Shirt Batik Cap Men's Lyrical Pattern Order Slim Fit
Men’s Pendopo Batik Cap Shirt with Lyrical Pattern Order Slim Fit

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6. Written Batik Bomber Jacket

for more tendenciesyou can use a jacket bomber This batik motif is written by Pekalongan. You can buy a jacket bomber This modern men’s batik is priced at Rp 1.6 million.

Men's batik recommendation Pendopo Bomber Jacket Batik Tulis
Batik Batik Bomber Jacket Hall

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Well, here are some tips for men’s batik for the office that you can use on certain days, including the next National Batik Day. You can buy all these batik tips through www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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Happy National Batik Day!