6 Recommendations for electronic dryers for the rainy season

6 Recommendations for electronic dryers for the rainy season

recommendation for electronic dryer

Clothes that do not dry are a problem that we often face when rainy season. To overcome this, I usually dry the clothes at home with the help of a fan. This method is effective.

However, drying wet clothes too often in the room can make the room damp and mold to develop. As a result, the room is easy to smell musty and uncomfortable.

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Actually, there is another way we can do to dry clothes at home, namely with an electronic dryer. This tool can make clothes and other items dry faster.

Recommended Electronic Dryer

So that the robbery is done dries quicklyHere are the tips for an electronic dryer that you must have.

1. Clothes Dryer Electronic Class

class electronic dryer
Class Electric Dryer Mst-y90 – White
Practical and easy to use suitable for all types of clothes.

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The electronic dryer from Kels has a capacity of 10 kg with a power of 1000 W. This is equipped with waterproof cover, UV sterilizer that effectively kills bacteria on clothes, and has 6 time options to automatically dry clothes.

2. JML Dribuddi Electric Clothes Dryer

JML electronic dryer
Dribuddi electric dryer quantity
The electric dryer is practical to use during the rainy season.

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This clothes dryer from the UK can dry clothes without rusting. This tool is able to accommodate up to 10 kg with a power of 1200 W, and has the following characteristics: timer and a shoe dryer. You can also fold it when not in use.

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3. Kris Electric Hand Towel

kris electronic hand towels
Electric towel rail Kris 90w Etw78
Easy to use electric hand towel made of quality aluminium.

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The electronic towel Kris has 6 shelves for hanging towels. In addition to drying towels, this tool can also be used to hang clothes.

4. Krisbow electric clotheslines

Krisbow electric clotheslines
Krisbow 230 W electric clotheslines
It can dry clothes faster without the help of the sun.

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There is also an electric electric rope equipped with a heater. Clothesline made of stainless steel can contain 15-20 clothes with a power of 230 W. So, you can dry the clothes in the room.

5. Kris Electric Hair Dryer

Electronic hair dryer kris
Electric Hair Dryer Kris 40 W Esw1al
The electric shoe dryer is made of aluminum material and is easy to use.

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Well, this electronic dryer is equipped with 4 parts hook to hang 2 pairs of shoes. Kris’s electronic dryer is sufficient save electricity because it only needs about 40 W.

6. Electric hair dryer Portable

portable electric dryer
Electric Hair Dryer – Blue
Shoe dryer with a minimalist design and a cord length of 1.1 m.

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An electric shoe dryer is also present in the design portable which requires only 10 W energy. You can also dry the helmet and gloves in a short time.

For the drying process of wet shoes, you need 1 hour. Meanwhile, for wet shoes, the drying time lasts 3 hours.

Well, this is the recommendation of an electronic dryer that you can use during the rainy season. You can get all the above electronic tools easily just through it www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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In addition to electronic dryers, shopping sites online It also provides a variety of electronic home furniture and appliances from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, such as Informa, ACE, Selma, and many others.