6 Recommendations for cosmetic bags under IDR 100,000

6 Recommendations for cosmetic bags under IDR 100,000

cosmetic bag recommendation

Pouch Cosmetic is a kind of storage bag for various equipment make up agar easy to carry when traveling. No wonder there are more and more recommendation sack cosmetics of different sizes and colors.

In terms of size, this cosmetic storage bag is smaller than a suitcase make up. So, we can put it in the bag.

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Recommendation Pouch Cosmetics Under IDR 100,000

Take it easy, cheap sack affordable cosmetics. In fact, you can buy it for under IDR 100,000, depending on the material and size.

Here are some tips sack The best cosmetics you can buy at www.lacrymosemedia.com

1. Pouch Cosmetics Mesh Transparent

cosmetic bag recommendation
Ataru Cosmetic Mesh Pouch – Pink

Only IDR 49,000 – Click here

Pouch of material jersey which one the form of a network is very popular. See, you can see the content immediately sack from outside In addition In addition, this product is also durable. This is because the nets are made of synthetic textile fibers.

2. Pouch Square-shaped cosmetics

cosmetic bag
Cosmetic Pouch Flowers 17x10x11 Cm

Only 75 thousand IDR – Click here

bag make up
Fabulous Cosmetic Pouch 17x10x11 Cm – Pink

Only IDR 75,000 – Click here

When you search sack which can load a lot of things, so you can choose sack square bubble. In fact, you can also store perfume and various facial care products in this cosmetic bag.

3. Pouch Cosmetics Thread

This type of bag has an additional storage bag inside. Thus, you can tuck in small and thin objects. Edge on sack also equipped with a layer of wire up sack can be opened.

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4. Cosmetic bag with Handle

alat make up
Cosmetic Pouch 21.5x18x7.6 Cm – Silver

Only Rp99 Thousand – Click here

Cosmetic Pouch 21.5x18x7.6 Cm – Gold

Only Rp99 Thousand – Click here

You can choose a cosmetic bag that you already have handle by design sparkleto make it easier to wear. Its simple shape also allows you to load a lot of large beauty products.

5. Cosmetic Bag Material velvet

cosmetic bag IDR 100 thousand
Fabulous Cosmetic Pouch 17x10x11 Cm

Only IDR 75,000 – Click here

Material velvet much loved by many people because the material is soft and durable. In addition to that, sack Those made of this type of fabric will certainly look luxurious, especially if you choose neutral and bright colors.

6. Cosmetic Bag 2 in 1

cosmetic bag recommendation
Informa Set 2 Pcs Removable Cosmetics – Gold

Only Rp99 Thousand – Click here

cosmetic bag recommendation
Informa Set 2 Pcs Removable Cosmetic Pouch – Silver

Only Rp99 Thousand – Click here

Pouch this is made of material polyurethane or soft imitation leather. You will receive 2 sack detachable at the same time. Therefore, you do not need that the cosmetics stored in the bag will be scattered.

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So, here are some tips sack cosmetics under Rp 100 thousand that you can have. In fact, you can do it sack this cosmetic like gift special, both for birthdays and Christmas.

You can buy all the cosmetic storage bags above www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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