6 Reasons we need armrests on office chairs

6 Reasons we need armrests on office chairs

armrest for office chair

Use it office chair that they have arm or armrests on the right and left can actually make you feel more comfortable. See, armrests or arm Office chairs have a positive impact on the health of our bodies.

Function of arm is to reduce pain, cramps, pains and tingling in the arm area when working. Therefore, we can focus more on work. Can you imagine how important it is? arm work chair for us?

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So what are the advantages? armrest on the office chair?

This time, we have summarized some of the reasons why you should use it arm on an office chair.

1. Reduces Pain in the Neck and Shoulders

Our bodies have trapezius and deltoid muscles in the neck and shoulders that continue to work if the hands have no support. As a result, we can experience pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder.

However, if you put your hand on the armthen both muscles can rest and reduce the risk of pain that may occur.

2. Supporting the Body to Stand

The load on the hips can be reduced by up to 50% if you use it arm on a chair to support the body when standing. Well, for those of you who like to feel in the hip area, it is necessary to use this chair for work.

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3. Reduces hand fatigue

When working, we need to focus on facing the laptop with the stretched position in front. Of course, this position can make your hands tired after hours.

However, arm on a chair you can rest your hands, and relieve the tension in the muscles inside.

armrest for office chair
The arm can reduce fatigue in the hands

4. Reduces Spinal Load

If our spine holds the load long enough, it can cause pressure on the nerves in the spine. Well, when he rested his arm armthe load on the spine can be reduced.

5. Retaining Body Mass

Our arms and hands account for up to 12% of our total body mass. So, you need it arm on an office chair for support to minimize the risk of hand cramps.

Best office chair tips

Well, now you know how important it is arm on the office chair, right? We have also prepared some recommendations for the best office chairs that you can choose, such as the following.

1. Low Back Office Chair

The weight on the back can be overcome if you use an office chair with a low back. The chair below has a simple and minimalist look, making it perfect to pair with other office furniture.

armrest for office chair
Sunon Aveza Ii Low Back Office Chair – Black/White

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2. High Back Office Chair

Office chairs with high backs are able to support the entire back of our body, from the waist to the head. So, you can work all day comfortably without worrying about having a sore neck.

armrest for office chair
Sieben Stevenn High Back Office Chair – white / blue

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3. Leather office chair

Do you want an office chair that looks luxurious? If yes, you can choose a leather chair. Besides being elegant, furniture made of leather is also very easy to clean because it can be removed with a cloth microfiber right

armrest for office chair
King Office Chair – Chocolate

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armrest for office chair
Mjolnir Low Back Office Chair – Black

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4. Office Chair with Foam

When we work, we often spend time sitting. For this reason, you can choose an office chair that has thick foam on the seat to provide optimal comfort when in use.

armrest for office chair
Informa Ziva Office Chair – Pink Salmon

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armrest for office chair
Council II Low Back Office Chair – Brown

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