6 Most aesthetic villa house designs, make yourself feel at home!

6 Most aesthetic villa house designs, make yourself feel at home!

When on vacation and staying in a villa, most of us feel so comfortable that we don’t want to go home. So to work around this, what if we bring the villa house design into our home so that we always feel like we are on vacation? If you are interested, below are 6 villa house designs that are very easy to imitate:

6 Most aesthetic villa house designs, make yourself feel at home!

villa house design

If you have a large area of ​​land, there is nothing wrong with building a whole villa-style house like the following. The use of a lot of glass, the simple shape of the building together with the presence of a swimming pool make this house feel like a real villa. But of course, to build a villa-style house to the maximum like this requires large funds.

So, you can also present a villa house design in the living room section. The trick is to use furniture made of wood to present a natural impression and also add natural stone to the walls to enhance this impression. Do not forget to plant palm trees to make you feel like you are in a tropical villa in Bali.

If before it presented the impression of a tropical villa in the family room, this impression can also be present in the living room. This living room is very open and receives good natural lighting. In addition, the existing plants also give the impression of being in a villa. The chosen furniture also really supports the overall look of the design.

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Turning to the dining room, the impression of a villa house design is also very strong here. Although it is minimalist, it is supported by the selection of tables and chairs plus the presence of a garden in the middle of the house that can really make an impression. spring breakers very strong. This villa house design is suitable for those who like simple, clean, but still strong designs.

Usually, in a villa there is a part of the terrace where you can relax. Therefore, present this part in your home as well. If you have a large enough back porch, put tables and benches to relax on it. Even better if your back garden is big enough so that you and your family can relax while enjoying the view of the garden.

Finally, if you just want to build a house, then a house with such a design can be adopted. A large green garden, a modern minimalist house design with the use of open glass can make this house a healthier life because the air is free and the sunlight can enter freely.