6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©7 Design Architect

To shape laundry or service areas for washing are often overlooked when organizing the home. Many homeowners forget about design laundry and put it in the back of the house so that the guests would not see it. Function laundry washing and ironing clothes are also often considered not to require special design so many people do not consider special designs for laundry.

Still, the design laundry also requires special attention. Laundry properly designed will provide comfort to the users. Clothes can be arranged more neatly, so the house will look neater.

Organize laundry simply, here we present 6 inspirations laundry minimalist adapted to the modern home!

Laundry easy half open

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

© Ruang Raya

On laundry easy half open, the roof can be an open or closed fiber roof. Make sure that washing machines and other electronic devices are in an enclosed area that is not exposed to direct sunlight and rain.

Agar laundry easy half open more aesthetics, use grid bricks for walls. In this way, sunlight can enter through the cracks in the rooster and at the same time help the clothes to dry faster. For the floor, instead of ordinary tiles, you can lay artificial grass so that it is laundry they look nicer and can even be used for relaxation.

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Laundry Japanese minimalism

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©Lingga Studio

Inspiration laundry This one is suitable for fans of Japanese-style minimalist design. This design is dominated by wood and stone materials to give the floor a natural look laundry. Inspiration laundry minimalist with hanging shelves in the form open storage it is also suitable for adding storage space without making the room look cramped.

Dark closed From laundry

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©Suba Arch

To make laundry more beautiful with the presence of a garden closed to him. In addition to aesthetics, the garden closed It is also useful as a place to absorb water.

However, if you don’t want to park closed filled with live plants, the space can also be equipped with artificial grass as a floor covering. To prevent water stagnation, place decorative coral stones on the garden floor closed.

Laundry simple full decoration

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©Harmony Architecture

Laundry simple can also look beautiful as long as it is carefully arranged and neatly decorated. Wall part laundry it can be filled with iron shelves hollow set up beautiful decorative pots for flowers.

On the other side of the wall, you can install illustrations or agar wall hangings laundry it just looks more dynamic. This concept is perfect for modern minimalist homes that are synonymous with the dominance of white.

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Laundry in a small area

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©Bianne Studio

Due to its service area function, laundry often very small. A structuring strategy should be implemented here to store all the necessary goods and electronics laundry they can tidy up and stay comfortable.

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One trick is to make shelves embedded which is about the size of a washing machine. This rack will do laundry small looks neater. Stand embedded It can be used to place equipment for washing, ironing and complex clothes.

Laundry with artificial lighting

6 modern minimalist laundry room design inspirations

©EXIVE Interior

It’s not rare laundry it is located in an enclosed area behind the house so natural lighting is very minimal. So laundry it is not dark, set the main lights, secondary lights and decorative lights so that the lighting is bright laundry maximum.

Some points that need to be installed with lights are the wardrobe area, the wall near the washing machine and the ironing board. These areas require maximum lighting to make washing and ironing more comfortable.

These are 6 design inspirations laundry minimalist that can be applied to your modern home. To visit Archives and find various articles until today about material design too design tips and inspiration second residence!