6 Luxurious BTS Houses

6 Luxurious BTS Houses

Who doesn’t know BTS, a boy band from South Korea whose name is now all over the world. Since it is popular and has many fans, the personal life of each member is very interesting to follow.

Starting from hobbies, favorite foods, to BTS’s home, everything has been explored in detail, especially by media crews and fans.

It seems that each member of BTS also bought a luxury apartment separately cash, no credit. Well, here are 6 magnificent and luxurious apartments where BTS staff live.

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Profile of BTS, South Korean Phenomenal Boyband

(Tribune News)

Bangtan Boys or quite popularly called BTS is a K-pop boyband from South Korea that is currently on the rise.

BTS is known not only in Asia, but all over the world. In fact, they officially speak at the UN general assembly on behalf of the youth.

BTS itself has 7 members consisting of Kim Nam Joon (RM) the leader, Kim Tae Hyung (V), Kim Soek Jin, (Jin), Jung Ho Soek (J-Hope), Park Ji Min (Jimin), Min Yoon Gi . (SUGA), and Jeon Jeong Kook (Jungkook).

They debuted on June 12, 2013 under the label Big Hit Entertainment through the single No More Dream on the album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

From there the name BTS began to be known to be popular as it is today. From debut until now, BTS has received various awards for their work.

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One of them is the Top Social Artist from the Billboard Music Award in 2017 and 2018. BTS also has fans called ARMY (Adorable Representative MC for Youth).

Luxurious and comfortable BTS home display


A successful career, BTS can now enjoy the results of their hard work so far. One of them is realized by buying the house in cash.

BTS’s house is actually an apartment. Each of its staff has apartments in luxurious and strategic locations.

Here are 6 luxury apartments where BTS lives.

1. BTS Dormitory at Hannam The Hill


Before we see where the BTS members live, first there is the BTS Dormitory at Hannam The Hill. This hostel can also be said to be the home of BTS because they spend most of their time in the dormitory practicing.

They lived in Hannam The Hill since 2017. You can say that this apartment in Hannam has a high price in South Korea from 2015 to 2020. This is mentioned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea.

BTS members occupy a 2,150 square foot apartment. The music video for Life Goes On was also recorded in the apartment environment. It should also be noted that many South Korean celebrities live in the Hannam The Hill apartment complex. This place was chosen because it has a strict security system.

2. Hannam The Hill also becomes Jin’s residence

(Korea Herald)

Not only a dormitory for all members, Jin BTS also bought an apartment in Hannam The Hills in 2018.

Not half hearted, the price of the purchased unit reached 1.78 million USD or equivalent to 25 billion rupees. Jin’s purchase of the unit has dramatically increased apartment prices.

Currently, the estimated price per unit is 3.4 million USD or equivalent to 48 billion Rp. Despite this, Jin chose to stay in the dormitory and gave his parents his apartment as a gift.

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3. The apartment in Nine One Hannam belongs to RM and Jimin


Besides Hannam The Hill, Nine One Hannam Royal is also the other most expensive apartment complex in Seoul, South Korea. This place is often called the Beverly Hills of Korea.

The apartment that became BTS’s home is close to the Han River and Namsan Mountain. It is also equipped with various luxury facilities that can be used as much as possible by the residents.

RM and Jimin are said to have a unit in Nine One Hannam. They both bought a unit in Nine One Hannam in March 2021. They each paid about Rp 5.7 million or equivalent to 81 billion rupiah and 5.3 million rupiah or equivalent to 75 billion rupiah in cash.

Nine One Hannam is also inhabited by many other South Korean celebrities, such as G-Dragon and Jun Ji Hyun.

4. Seoul Forest Trimage Has J-Hope and Jungkook


BTS rapper J-Hope is reported to have bought a luxury apartment unit in the Seoul Forest Trimage complex in 2016. This apartment is said to have a great view because it directly faces the Han River.

Seoul Forest Trimage is known as the celebrity home. In that place, there are many idols living. Names like Sunny from Girls’ Generation, Yura from Girl’s Day, and Kim Jaejoong from JYJ.

J-Hope is not only buying 1 apartment unit, but 2 units. The second unit was purchased at the same time as Jungkook who also chose Seoul Forest Trimage as his residence.

Last November 2020, J-Hope also bought a two-story house in Itaewon at a price of 7 million USD or about 100 billion Rp.

5. A Village Milik Suga

(Block A)

Suga is from Daegu, like V. Through a report on YouTube channel 14F MBC, Suga purchased a property with a value of USD 3 million or equivalent to Rp 42.8 billion in Hannam Riverhill in August 2018. The apartment is located in an expensive area, namely the UN Village.

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Of course, Suga bought with cash, no payments. UN Village is also known as the residence of famous people in South Korea, such as Park Narae, Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won, Taeyang of Big Bang and many others.

6. SK Apelbaum belongs to V BTS


In contrast to other members who on average buy apartments in the Hannam area, V BTS actually bought the SK Apelbaum apartment in 2019 at a price of about 4.55 million USD or equivalent to 65 billion Rp.

V’s apartment unit is located on the banks of the Han River that runs through the center of Seoul. The view of the city from the apartment is very nice. However, V’s apartment was occupied by his family.

Well, these are the luxury apartments that are the homes of BTS. Very beautiful and enviable, right?

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