6 List of Jakarta Apartments that accept pets

6 List of Jakarta Apartments that accept pets

Apartments have become an unavoidable necessity. Being one of the primary needs at this time, the apartment is a modern residence with complete facilities for its residents. How come? Generally in an apartment on a pool, fitness center, jogging track and much more.

In addition, these various facilities can be obtained without having to pay because this is part of the facilities of the apartment. Unfortunately, it is difficult for pet owners to find a pet-friendly apartment in Jakarta. Apartments have many rules, one of the rules contained in some apartments is that it is not allowed to keep animals.

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Pet Friendly Jakarta Apartment Profile

The data above describes the number of units in each apartment. The number of units is usually directly proportional to the area of ​​the neighborhood in the area of ​​the apartment. You can use this as a reference or recommendation when choosing an apartment for pets.

Based on the data above, it is known that the Residenza di Giardino Mediterania has the most units, which are 3110 units. For number two, there is Kemang Village with 1800 units. In addition, there is Branz Simatupang Apartment with 381 units.

In addition there is a Green with 251 units. Followed by Peral Garden Resort with 195 units. Then in the last order there is Simprug Terrace which has 140 units.

In addition, we also collect several locations of the nearest veterinary clinic that you can visit if you live in one of the above pet-friendly apartments. Let’s see!

Looking at the information above, you can see that there are many nearby veterinary clinics that can be visited from the pet-friendly apartment. For Mediterania Garden Residence, there are two clinics nearby, namely Bintang Vet Clinic and PDHB Veterinary Clinic.

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Meanwhile, for Kemang Village, there are My Vets Kemang and AMORE 4 Animal Clinic. Wunderpet clinic and Gunawan Veterinary Clinic are near Verde’s apartment.

Near the Branz apartment there is a Veterinary Clinic Pet Huis and a drh. Siguito

Near the Pearl Garden Resort apartment, there are Jui Housecall Vet Service and also Pet Vet. Then, near Simprug Terrace there is Gusta Vet and SW Pet Animal Clinic.

We also share information about the distance of the apartment to strategic locations in Jabodetabek. Some of the places we have highlight among them are,

  • Gambir station, Central Jakarta.
  • Sudirman Center Business District or SCBD location.
  • Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng.

We took the distance through an estimate on Google Maps. The goal is as an estimate for each resident of the apartment if they want to go to these strategic places.

List of Pet Friendly Apartments in Jakarta

For Pins who like to raise animals, calm down! Pins can always bring your pet to the apartment you know! Let’s look at the row of apartments pet friendly Jakarta through the reviews below!

Green Residence

Pet friendly apartment in Jakarta

Verde Residence is one of the apartments located in Jakarta. This apartment is also located in a very strategic location, namely the CBD (Central Business District), Jakarta. Its very strategic location means that the residents of this apartment have easier access to the city center and other areas such as shopping centers, offices and arteries of Jakarta.

Another interesting thing is also this apartment pet friendly you know! So for Pins who keep animals, there is no need to worry, because Pins can live with their favorite animals.

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The Branz apartment

Pet friendly apartment in Jakarta
(Branz Simatupang)

apartment Branz is an apartment pet friendly Jakarta can be your choice. Branz Apartment is located in Simatupang which is one of the arteries of Jakarta. This apartment is close to various shopping centers and hospitals. Not only this, this apartment also has very complete facilities you know!

Various facilities are available in the form of supermarkets, grocery storeslibrary, swimming pool internal and out ofgym, playground and much more. This apartment also allows residents to raise animals.

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Pearl Garden Resort Apartment

(All Apartments in Jakarta)

This apartment is one of the apartments located in Jl. General Gatot Subroto, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. This place is very strategic because it is located in the middle of the dense city of Jakarta. Another plus is that Pins can raise animals in this apartment because Pearl Garden Resort Apartment is a very nice apartment pet friendly.

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Terrace of Simprug

Pet friendly apartment in Jakarta
(Asia One Property)

apartment pet friendly Jakarta is located in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. This apartment has quite complete facilities like a gym, a swimming pool and several gardens for pets. In addition, the location is also very strategic because it is close to various shopping malls such as Gandaria City Mall, Pondok Indah Mall and Plaza Senayan.

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Village Kemang

(Kemang Village Residence)

The Kemang Village Apartment can be one of the choices for Pins who want to raise animals while living in the apartment. This apartment is located on Jl. Prince Antasari, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta. This apartment has 24 hour security facilities, CCTV, private balcony, swimming pool, fitness centeryoga corner, jogging track, basketball and tennis and an aerobics room.

This very comprehensive facility can certainly be a very large consideration. What else is this pet friendly certainly very suitable for Pins that raise animals.

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Mediterranean Garden Residence

Pet friendly apartment in Jakarta
(Jakarta 360)

This apartment is famous pet friendly, so Pins do not have to worry about bringing a pet to live with them. This apartment is located in Tanjung Duren, precisely behind the Central Park Mall. But keep in mind that this must be confirmed by the apartment manager. Not without reason, this is for the convenience of Pins and other residents of the apartment.

Tips for keeping animals in apartments


Although the list of apartments above is classified as an apartment that pet friendly, but it is good Pins pay attention to a few things. Because keeping animals in the apartment is also related to the comfort of other residents of the apartment. Here are some tips for keeping pets in the apartment.

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Choose animals that are easy to care for

If Pins wants to keep animals in his apartment, try to keep animals that are easy to care for. Choose animals with sizes that tend to be small so that the space required is not too large. This is to make Pins more comfortable while living in the apartment.

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Choose Units on the Low Floors

Next, choose a unit located on a low floor. This makes it easier for Pins to move, especially if Pins are traveling with pets. So, when he rides in the elevator, Pins is only in the elevator for a short time. Of course, this is also in the comfort of other users of the apartment and of course your pets.

Here is the list of apartments pet friendly Jakarta can be your choice. Hopefully the reviews above can make Pins no longer confused about choosing an apartment that allows you to bring your pet. Do not forget to make sure that the permission of the animal is given to the management or builder of the building so as not to have problems in the future.

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