6 great cream color combinations for the living room

6 great cream color combinations for the living room

cream living room paint color
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Cream color inspirations for living room paint.

The living room is the face of the house. This is because when guests come, you will certainly put them in this room. One thing that should be considered is the choice of paint. It is recommended to choose a color that prioritizes comfort and warmth.

color cream suitable choice. In short, this color is a mixture of yellow, white, gray and brown. Using color cream, Your living room will look spacious and elegant, but not too much. Also, it uses color cream You can combine other colors in the furniture and the decoration of the room.

If you look deeper, you will find that the color of the painting of the living room cream divided into several colors. Although they are similar, but you know the types of colors cream, later it will be easier to decorate.

What do you think? The following are the types of living room paint colors cream. Complete with pictures!

color Beige

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Part of the living room paint color cream first it is beige This color is usually found in Japanese style houses. mix cream, brown, white and a little gray make the living room elegant.

Use a wide and soft sofa so that the guests who come will be more comfortable to chat with you. Do not forget to add some decorations of wooden elements to make the room more aesthetic.

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color Ecru

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If you like neutral colors, ecru This is very suitable for use in the living room. Not completely neutral, this color is similar to the color broken white or ivory white, but with a touch of gray-brown tone.

This combination does ecru cozy and warm. Especially if you want to add furniture or colorful decorations earth tone, Your living room will be aesthetically elegant. Do not forget to also add plants in the corner of the room so that the room feels fresh.

color Ivory

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If your living room is not too wide, you should use a paint color like ivory this. As the name implies, this color is similar to ivory, which is a mixture of black and white cream In addition to making the room more spacious, ivory create more warmth and comfort.

Use furniture that is not too big and multifunctional so that the room does not feel cramped. Also add plants in the corner of the room so that the room can be cooler.

color milk

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Surely you are familiar with the color milk Yes, this color is inspired by a light and neutral coffee brown. milk quite widely used in many living rooms because the shades given are so natural and comfortable.

Especially if your living room has a large window with enough sunlight. When lighting the room, the appearance of the room will be very good. For the furniture, you should use colors like brown, gray and white so as not to remove the color milk this.

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color Marigold

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Average color cream It has a soft and subtle feel. But yes calendula a little different because the shades given are bright and charming. This color is a combination of cream, yellow and brown. Those of you who want to create a colorful living room, you can use this color.

Marigold suitable combined with neutral color furniture such as brown and white. Use yellow room lights so that the aesthetic impression is more pronounced.

color Vintage cream

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The paint color of the living room cream the last one is vintage cream. Just like its name vintage, This color gives a classic impression like the old houses. But even so, people are really interested in using it vintage cream.

Obviously, color cream this breed is light and blends well with brown as well. That’s right vintage comes from furniture and also additional decorations. Examples include sofas made of velvet, vinyl floors, classic paintings and aesthetic trees.

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