6 Furniture for minimalist, monochromatic homes

6 Furniture for minimalist, monochromatic homes

Minimalist furniture recommendations for a monochromatic themed home

Minimalist house Monochrome style has become popular with many people. In general, monochromatic interior themes use black, white and gray furniture can look more elegant and modern.

In addition, the monochrome concept is easy to mix and match with different models and colors of furniture. In fact, you can create a luxurious home interior style without fear of being out of date.

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So, what kind of furniture model is suitable for a monochrome minimalist home?

To beautify every corner of your home, we have tips furniture which you can use to create a monochrome theme, such as the following.

1. Create a monochrome minimalist home with Black sofa

One way to make the family room more elegant is to use a black sofa. In addition to being easy to clean, a black sofa can also create a more comfortable impression in the room.

Choose a shiny leather sofa. So, add it cushions for sofas bright colors, such as red, yellow, and so on. In this way, the family room can look brighter.

Here are some tips for black sofas that may be an option for you.

monochrome home furniture
Lexxy 1 Seat Leather Sofa – Black Red
minimalist furniture
New Paulo 2 Seat Leather Sofa – Black

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minimalist furniture for the monochrome residence
Ziva 3 seater leather sofa – Black

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2. Glass table for Living Room

To keep the home aesthetic and bright, use a guest table made of transparent glass. The glass tabletop material can also make the room appear spacious due to the reflected light.

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Choose a round glass table model with golden yellow table legs, like our recommendations below.

furniture tips for monochromatic homes
Heaven Glass Guest Table – Gold

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minimalist furniture for a monochromatic home

3. White lamp

In addition to the installation of lights on the walls of the ceiling, we can add a white lamp in the corner of the room.You can turn on this light at night to give the room a dim effect that can make the body more relaxed.

To be more multifunctional, choose a floor lamp model that blends with a small table, like the following inspiration.

monochromatic home lamps

Frey Chandeliers – Linen

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4. Pioh Dining Table Material Marble

There are many choices the color of the marble table we can use, including black marblechocolate marbleand white marble. To make the dining room elegant and luxurious, you can use a dining table marble black.

While the brown color is suitable for those of you who want a little classic touch in the dining room.

Monochromatic residential theme
Ashley Lacey Dining Table – Chocolate

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5. Gray colored kitchen cabinets

The gray color can leave an elegant and luxurious feeling in the room, even in the kitchen. You can beautify the kitchen room by placing a gray cabinet.

Choose a cabinet that has a lot of bulkheads and storage cabinets so that it is easier for you to organize the kitchen equipment at home.

Minimalist family room design with a small kitchen
Sheldon Kitchen Cabinet Set – Gray

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6. White wardrobe

To create a monochrome impression in the room, choose all white furniture. In addition to the luxurious appearance, white furniture can provide a fresh atmosphere and improve the quality of sleep.

You can use a white two-door wardrobe and add a shelf hanging next to the wardrobe, like the following idea.

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furniture for a monochrome home theme
Wardrobe Elvis 2 Doors – white

Check it out here

Well, here are some tips furniture minimalist style that you can choose to fill a house in monochrome style.

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