6 essential tools for hair styling

6 essential tools for hair styling


For women, a hairdresser is an essential item that must be available. In fact, this tool is as important as the clothes we carry with us during travel, even if the suitcase is full.

You see, we can overcome the conditions bad hair day or hair that looks bad only with this tool. We can also adjust to the mood.

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For example, if you want straight hair that looks professional, you can use a straight iron.

Meanwhile, for a fresher look, you can choose a curly iron.

Hair tool tips

So, to make your collection of hairdressing tools even more complete, here are the must-have equipment tips.

1. Comb

Ataru Marble Hair Comb – Pink

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Women and men, combs are essential items wherever we go. Ataru’s tender comb has a reason marble and you can buy it for 30,000 IDR. In addition, the bristles are also soft and safe for the scalp.

2. Roll hair

Ataru Set of 3 large hair rollers with handles

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If you want to use a hairstyling tool without heat technology, then use it roll could be the best solution. unique, roll This hair is equipped with a handle to facilitate the installation process.

Just connect roll before traveling for 1 hour to create natural waves in the hair.

3. Hair dryer

Klaz Hair Dryer – Black Pink

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How to dry hair the easier it is to use hairdryer. This hair dryer already has a function ionic that can smooth and treat healthy hair. You can also adjust the heat temperature according to your needs.

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In addition to drying, you can also style your hair with a comb and hairdryer.

4. Hair straightener

Memoo Portable Hair Straightener – Blue

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Using a flat iron, you can make tangled hair straight in an instant. To make it easier when you travel, choose a portable iron.

Not without reason, you can use this portable iron anywhere, even when traveling. In addition, this tool is also equipped with a USB cable and a battery that you can recharge.

Take it easy, this iron is equipped with automatic shutdown technology after 15 minutes of use and hot temperatures of 160 and 180 degrees Celsius.

5. Hair curlers

Klaz curler 28 mm

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If you are tired with the appearance of straight hair, you can create voluminous hair with curlers. See, this hair styler has a diameter of 28 mm so you can easily make your hair curly.

There are several temperatures you can choose while using it, including 120, 140, 200 and 360 degrees Celsius.

6. Hot steam comb

Klaz hot air brush

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In contrast to ordinary combs, hot steam combs have a similar way of working hairdryer. In addition to drying, you can also use this tool to style your hair because the hot steam can create natural waves in your hair.

These are the six hair styling tools you must have. By using it, your hair can be more manageable and look beautiful instantly.

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