6 easy ways to remove mold at home

6 easy ways to remove mold at home

how to get rid of fungi
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The appearance of fungus in the area of ​​the house when rainy season it sucks In addition, this fungus can easily grow anywhere, from closets, toilets, living rooms laundry roomto the wall

In addition to causing porous walls and a musty smell in the room, the growth of mold in the house is not good for health. This fungus can cause allergies, irritations, skin and respiratory disorders.

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Therefore, we need to remove it immediately before the fungal condition worsens. Not only do we need to clean, we also have to be able to prevent the fungus from nesting again on the wall.

So, how to remove the mold on the walls of the house?

To remove the mold on the walls of the house, you can do several ways, such as the following.

1. Wear it Dehumidifier to remove Fungus

Moisture is the main cause of mold growth on the walls of the house. Well, one of the best ways to prevent this is to use it dehumidifier. You see, this tool can absorb moisture in the air.

For a room up to 25 square meters, you can use it dehumidifier with a water tank capacity of 800 ml-10 liters, as our recommendations below.

dehumidifier removes mold
Dehumidifier Kris 10 L – white
A dehumidifier with a choice of humidity levels and is environmentally friendly.

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The kris dehumidifier removes mold
Mini dehumidifier Kris 800 ml – white
Reduces moisture content and prevents mold condensation.

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2. Avoid leaving wet clothes

Do you often leave your clothes damp and wet after washing? Yes, yes, stop the habit. This is because these clothes can moisten the surrounding air and activate the growth of mold in the room laundry room.

3. Open Windows Regularly

Moisture can come out of the lack of air circulation. Therefore, we need to open the windows regularly and let the fresh air in to reduce the humidity in the house.

4. Use Fungus Killer Cairan

If the fungus has appeared on the walls of the house, we can remove it with a mildew cleaner. How to use it is quite easy, which is enough to spray it directly on the wall or smear it on a cloth first.

The following are recommendations for mushroom cleaning liquids that you can use.

liquid to remove fungi
Atmos 500ml Mold Fungus Cleaning Liquid
Able to clean mold marks and stains on various surfaces.

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mushroom cleaning liquid
Astonish 750 Ml Fungus and Moss Cleaning Liquid
The moss and mildew cleaning liquid is suitable for bathroom walls.

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5. Remove Mold by Scraping and Scrubbing Walls

The next way to get rid of the fungus is to throw mold stains on the walls with scraper or paint scraper. After scraping off the mold, rub the wall with sandpaper to smooth the wall.

If there are small holes that appear after the sanding process, you can patch them with cement.

the paint scraper removes fungi
Tactix Kape Paint scraper 38 mm
Durable and anti-rust tank squeegee.

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sandpaper to remove mildew
Amplas 1500 Grit
5 pieces of sandpaper to smooth paint and wood.

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6. Repaint Walls to Remove Mold

After sanding and patching the walls, it is time for you to repaint the walls of the house. In any case, we should use water-repellent paint to keep the walls dry and free of moisture, as our recommendation below.

water repellent varnish eliminates mould
Drylok Extreme Latex Anti Leak Coating Paint 1 gallon
The waterproof wall paint is odorless and safe for breathing.

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waterproof cat
Drylok Cat Pelapis Anti Coror Latex Waterproofer 946 Ml
Water-repellent interior and exterior paint.

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Well, this is how to get rid of mold on the walls of the house. Now, you don’t have to worry about the rainy season.

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