6 Easy Ways to Organize a Minimalist Laundry Room – Ruparupa Blog

6 Easy Ways to Organize a Minimalist Laundry Room – Ruparupa Blog

put the laundry in order

room laundry room it is a must have at home. This room is used for wash the clothesdry and iron clothes.

Unfortunately, a small laundry room can easily become messy. Also, if there is not enough space to store all the necessities laundry room. Well, you can overcome this by organizing the laundry so that it is not messy.

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So, how do you get the laundry in order?

Relax, we have some tips that you can do so the laundry is not messy.

1. Take advantage of the existing space

Even if it’s small, make the most of every centimeter of the laundry room. Instead of using a large storage cabinet, you can use multi-level shelves to store different washing materials.

So, put it washing machine at the bottom of the shelf so as not to take up space. However, make sure that your laundry room gets adequate light so that the room appears larger.

laundry rack
3 Tier Washing Machine Rack – White

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2. Prepare Containers and Storage Baskets

To be more organized, store all washing products, such as detergents, fragrances and brushes in a container. Then, place the container neatly on the shelf.

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You can also prepare a laundry basket to sort unwashed and unwashed clothes so you don’t get messy.

laundry basket
X Shape Laundry Basket – White

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3. Use neutral colored laundry equipment

Neutral colors can give a clean impression to the laundry room. For example, you can use iron shelves and white containers as storage. In addition to making the room look spacious, white also makes the laundry room clean and modern.

4. Make sure the bathroom floor is dry

So that the laundry is not slippery, make sure that the floor of this room is always dry. This method also prevents things that are not desired, such as slipping and shorting the washing machine.

In addition, your laundry will also be protected from moisture that can cause mold.

5. Place the Ironing Board in the Corner of the Room Laundry

Waiting for the laundry to finish is certainly boring. Therefore, you can do other activities, such as ironing clothes. Use it ironing board fold and store in the corner of the room so that it is not cramped.

Therefore, here are recommendations for ironing boards and irons that are suitable to complement your laundry.

ironing board
Bloomy Classic ironing board

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6. Provide Minimalist Clothesline

The laundry room is also often used as a place to dry in the sun, especially during the rainy season. So, to make it more practical, you can use folding clothes and minimalist clothes

So, you can move and store the wardrobe when it is not in use, like the following.

folding laundry clothesline
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towel bars
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These were some ways to clean the laundry that you can do. You can buy various laundry appliances only through them variety.

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