6 Easy Ways to Arrange Flowers for Beginners

6 Easy Ways to Arrange Flowers for Beginners

Garlands can be gift ideas for loved ones. In addition, there are many flowers with special meanings to convey affection and gratitude.

Call the dahlia flower that symbolizes commitment and respect. In addition, there are also peonies that have the meaning of happiness, love and good luck.

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Not only do you use flower services, you can also make your own flower arrangement at home. Also, if you want to give like Mother’s Day gift special

So, how do you put the flowers?

So for those of you who are newbies, just follow these easy flower arranging steps and go!

1. Determine the theme of the crown

dried flower arrangement
Determine the theme of the bouquet by choosing the type of flower used.

Before starting to arrange flowers, first determine the theme of the wreath you want to make. For example, you can make an all-white bouquet or an arrangement of dried flowers.

This can help determine the type of flower to use.

2. Prepare Tools and Materials for Flower Arrangement

After that, provide tools for flower arranging, such as scissors, ribbon and ribbon. Also prepare flowers on a predetermined theme. Then, clean the flowers from leaves and petals.

3. Prepare a beautiful vase for the flower arrangement

flower arrangement vase
Choose a beautiful vase as a container for flower arrangements.

The style of the vase can also affect the appearance of the bouquet. Adjust the size of the flower with the height of the vase. If you want to see a luxurious and elegant impression, use it flower pot made of glass and porcelain.

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However, choose a plain white vase if you like a minimalist look, like our tips below.

glass flower vase
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marble vase
Information 19x19x30 Cm Istanbul Vas Marble Sl – Gold
Vases with a modern design are suitable for personal and commercial use.

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4. Install a large flower as a focal point

After all the materials and tools are ready, you can start arranging flowers. Place a large flower in the center of the vase as a focal point. Be sure to choose unique flowers with attractive colors.

To make it look natural, prepare an odd number of large flowers to give an asymmetrical effect.

5. Add Small Flowers Around Big Flowers

After gathering the large flowers together, add the smaller, delicate flowers around them to fill in the empty spaces.

You can use it baby breathe daisies, and berries. In this way, the crown will be more beautiful and voluminous.

6. Add Green Leaves and Plants

clutching the green plants
Add leaves and green plants to give a fresh effect to the bouquet.

To make the bouquet fresh, add leaves and green plants, such as eucalyptus, ivy, and fern leaves. Once finished, tie the wreath with ribbon and tape so it doesn’t fall off.

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It’s an easy flower arrangement for beginners. To make the flowers last longer, you can use artificial flowers from www.lacrymosemedia.comsuch as the following.

arrange peonies
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Arranging dahlias
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