6 Easy and practical ways to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets

6 Easy and practical ways to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets

Termites are one of the animals that can be quite annoying and harmful. These animals are commonly found in wooden furniture. Their existence makes wooden furniture not durable. Of course, if this is the case, the owner of the furniture has definitely suffered losses because like it or not, he has to replace it with a new one. Termites are most often found in wooden cabinets. Well, for those of you whose wooden cabinets are currently infected with termites, here is how to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets that are easy and practical:

6 Easy and practical ways to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets

Check and repair any cracks in the wall of the house

Termites can be present through cracks in the walls of the house. Because this means there are spaces for termites to enter and live in your wood cabinets. Therefore, it is important for you to immediately repair the cracks in the walls of the house so that the termites have a small chance to come.

Avoid direct contact of the cabinet with floors and walls

Place your wooden cabinets, do not attach directly to the walls and floor. Use pallet supports on the bottom so the cabinets aren’t in direct contact with the floor and move the cabinets a bit away from the wall for extra durability. This is the most common and familiar way to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets. In addition, this method is also considered quite easy to do.

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Dry your wood cabinets

If termites have infected your wooden cabinets, then it is a good idea to immediately dry the cabinets in direct sunlight. This method will reduce the humidity in the wooden cabinets so that, over time, the termites will die on their own. If it is not too heavy, then this activity of drying clothes can be done regularly, for example once a week.

Put Naphthalene in a Wooden Cabinet

The naphthalene content in camphor is not only effective in repelling cockroaches and insects. But these ingredients can also be used as a way to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets easily and practically. The pungent smell that arises from mothballs is not liked by termites, so putting camphor in a wooden cabinet will definitely save the cabinet from termite attack.

The room temperature lower drastically

Another very easy way to get rid of termites in wooden cabinets is to make the room very cold or have extreme temperatures. You just need to set the AC temperature to be very low so that the temperature will change drastically. This drastic change in temperature is not liked by the termites so the animals will die one by one.

Spray with Termite Exterminator Liquid

Currently, a special liquid termite exterminator has been sold in large quantities and is free on the market. In addition, the price is affordable, because you only need to buy one or two bottles and then spray the liquid on the part of the wooden cabinet that is infested with termites. Wait a few moments until the termites die one by one. So after the termites die, you just need to clean up. Easy, right?