6 Differences between induction cooker and gas stove

6 Differences between induction cooker and gas stove

Cooking with a gas stove has become a habit for most Indonesian people. However, there are also those who use induction stoves for cooking at home.

Also, using this stove can really help you save more when cooking than with a gas stove. Surely this can help reduce household expenses, right?

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However, there are many people who think that electric and induction stoves are the same, even though they are different. Electric stove it usually emits heat through a metal coil that is under the surface of a glass or ceramic stove.

While that induction cooker is a type of electric stove that uses electromagnetic radiation to heat cooking utensils. Unlike the electric stove, this stove can quickly return to cold.

It is different with the type of gas stove that uses gas in the form of solid liquid LPG or through pipelines. Therefore, we often have to buy new gas cylinders every time the fuel is used.

However, what is the difference between an induction stove and a gas stove?

Well, this time we will discuss the difference between a gas stove and an electric induction stove, although both work for cooking.

1. Energy sources

The main difference between these two types of stove is the energy source used. As the name implies, induction electric stoves rely on electric current, while gas stoves require LPG gas.

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When there is a lack of energy, we can also cook on the gas stove. You see, we don’t need electricity to get heat.

gas stove and electric stove
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2. Energy efficiency

Induction stoves are thought to be more energy efficient than gas stoves. This type of induction is able to boil 1 liter of water in 1 minute. While the gas stove, it takes 8 minutes to boil 1 liter of water.

This is because the induction cooker works concentrating the energy in the intermediate container so that it is easier to conduct the heat. Different from gas stove that focuses on the strength of the fire that can be disturbed by the wind or gas pressure.

Induction cooker Kels Terra - Black

3. Use of cookware

Not all kitchen utensils can be used for electric induction stove. In general, we need to use pots and special pans that can be used on the induction layer.

It is different with gas stove. We can use different types of kitchen utensils to make food.

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4. Security level

Induction coated stoves have a higher level of safety than gas stoves. You see, gas stoves are more prone to leaks in the pipe or hose, which can cause a fire.

However, using this type of induction should also be careful because I fear that there will be an electrical short circuit. So, when using it, make sure to always check each component.

5. Product design

A house of modern minimalist style will certainly buy household equipment with a more aesthetic design. It is not surprising that many modern homes use induction stoves rather than gas stoves.

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In addition, this type of electric stove has a minimalist design and is covered by induction glass. In any case, we need to take good care because it easily leaves scratches.

Different from gas stoves that have a simple design, but they are not afraid of abrasions. The following is a comparison of gas stove and induction stove designs.

Gas Stove Sanken 2 Furnaces Sg-369dx2
Gas Stove Sanken 2 Furnace Sg-369dx2

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Induction cooker Kels Terra – Black

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6. Cleanliness

Stove cleaning is often a difficult housework, especially gas stoves. You see, we also need to lift the stove top to clean it.

It is different with the type of induction that is easier to clean. We just need to dry it the flat surface of the stove with the kitchen tissue or a microfiber cloth.

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Well, these are some of the differences between the two types of stoves that you need to know. So, are you ready to switch to using an electric stove?

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