6 correct ways to clean baby bottles. Make sure it’s sterile!

6 correct ways to clean baby bottles. Make sure it’s sterile!

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Worried that the bottles you use will become a breeding ground for germs? Go ahead, check out the full review on how to clean baby bottles right below!

A child’s immune system is certainly not as good as an adult’s.

They tend to be more susceptible to infection when exposed to bacteria and germs.

That’s why you should be careful to keep your cutlery and toys clean.

For example, baby bottles, these objects often come into contact with the mouth of your little one.

To keep it clean, apply the following bottle cleaning method, OK?

6 correct ways to clean baby bottles

1. Remove all components

how to wash baby bottles

First, wash the bottle with running water for about 20 seconds.

Then, disassemble all the components and gently scrub each part.

Typically, baby bottle parts consist of the body of the bottle, the valve and the rubber band under the cap.

The neck of the pacifier and the rubber band is the dirtiest area that is a breeding ground for disease-causing germs.

Therefore, be sure to pay more attention to that area when rinsing.

2. Soak with warm water

The next step is to immerse all the components of the bottle in hot water.

Leave the laundry soap in the water for maximum results.

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However, be sure to use a baby bottle laundry soap that doesn’t produce too much suds.

This is because the presence of foam indicates the high content of detergent in the soap.

Also, make sure the soap is 100% certified. food quality to be safe for the child.

3. Comb gently

how to clean baby bottles

The next way to clean baby bottles is to brush them.

Use a special brush with soft bristles to clean the baby milk residues at the bottom of the bottle.

Do the brushing one at a time, but make sure not to rest the bottle in the sink during the process.

The reason is, the lake is a place that is prone to contamination by germs and bacteria.

Instead, prepare a special container to put baby bottle components while you clean them.

4. Sterilize Baby Milk Bottles

Then, be sure to sterilize the bottles before using them again.

There are two ways that can be an option, namely using UV light and hot water steam.

If you have a UV light kit, just put the bottle in it for 10-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, if you want to use the steam of hot water, first arrange the components of the bottle in the steamer.

Then, put water in the bottom and heat with fire or electricity for 30-50 minutes.

As a side note, you can also boil the bottles in boiling water for about 5 minutes if you want to go faster.

5. Dry the bottle

how to clean baby bottles manually

After you have finished sterilizing the bottles, dry them in the sun until there is no residual water attached.

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This is important to ensure that mold does not grow on the surface of the bottle.

You can also wipe it first with a dry cloth before drying the bottle so that this process can be completed more quickly.

For the record, it’s best to use gloves or tongs during the bottle cleaning process to minimize the risk of germ contamination.

6. Use Microwave

In addition to the above steps, you can also benefit microwave at home, here we go.

This method of cleaning baby bottles may sound strange, but it is quite effective.

First, clean the inside first microwave from the rest of the food.

Then fill the bottle with clean water up to half its height.

Put the bottle inside microwave and heat on high for 1-2 minutes.

Remove the bottle while wearing oven mitts, then shake gently so the hot water spreads throughout the bottle.

After that, remove the remaining water through the valve at the top and dry the bottle in the sun.


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